Lupi De Tenebris

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❝ You resurrected a King who was dead for a long time. ❞


Lupi De Tenebris-

Wolves of Darkness.

They arrive unexpected. Quietly and stealthily. Slaughtering with ease, they triumph in each and every battle they encounter. Not visible to neither human, nor wolf eye as they blend in with the shadows. The night is theirs. They are truly the Wolves of Darkness.

Alpha Leos.

Ruler of the Wolves of Darkness. He strikes fear into the hearts of others, his merciless nature a warning to those to dare to cross him. A man who was so undeserving of a mate, he was not fated with one.

Or so he thought.


When the cold hearted Alpha of the Lupi De Tenebris meets his mate, his hard exterior momentarily collapses, and for the first time in his years of living, he is clueless as to how to react. His destined mate, Luna is her name, saunters into his life, startling him with her lovely presence and intoxicating scent. He finds it a pleasant surprise indeed.

Completely new to the sudden feeling of warmth invading his body whenever he is in her vicinity, Leos is completely and utterly confused. However, this doesn't mean he has become absolutely foolish. Alpha Leos is fully aware that his Luna may be the very best thing to happen to him. And he intends on keeping her with him until the day he dies.


Status: Ongoing

By: champxgne_mami

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