Part 16- the first "i love you"

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Your POV:

That's when he says it...

"Y/n I love you". We look deep into each others eyes. We're both smiling like dorks. I can't believe that the Finn Wolfhard loves me. "I love you too Finn" I say. He smiles and hugs me. "We should get you home your mum will be worried sick about you" he says. I nod and grab my shoes and he grabs his and his socks.

We get off the beach and clean the sand off our feet before putting our shoes on again. I look up and he has a hand out to me. "Shall we my lady?" He asks. I giggle and take his hand "of course kind sir". We walk to his car and his Uber drives me home. I get out and he gets out after me. "Thankyou for tonight Finn it has been amazing" I say. "Thank you for coming" he says smiling. I smile back. He holds my hands and we both start to lean in. The space between us closes as our lips touch. This kiss is different than our first that was full of excitement and joy but this is full of happiness and love. After a while we pull away smiling.
This is love.
I love him and he loves me
This is a dream come true

"I should probably go inside" I say. He nods but doesn't loose his smile. "I'll see you at school tomorrow, okay?" I ask. "Okay" he speaks softly as he gazes into my eyes. "I love you Finn" I say "I love you too y/n" he says. I give him one last kiss before going inside.

Joe comes downstairs smiling. What's he happy about? "Why are you happy Joe? Did you finally get a girlfriend?" I ask and tease him. "No but you have a boyfriend and you kissed" he basically squeals. "Where you watching us?" I ask. "I have to look after my little sis" he shrugs. "Look I love you but don't watch me and my boyfriend again" I say. "Okayyyy" he pouts. "You'll get to meet him soon" I say. "Good, by the way why are you all dressed up?" He asks. "Well we went on a date" I say. "Where did he take you?" He asks. "My favourite restaurant and then we went on the beach" I say. I can't help myself from smiling. "He seems perfect for you y/n" "he is perfect" I say. He smiles "I'm glad your happy" I nod and go upstairs and change into my pyjamas.

 He smiles "I'm glad your happy" I nod and go upstairs and change into my pyjamas

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I put my dirty clothes in the washing basket and lay down on my bed. I check my phone and see Finn has texted.

Finn💕: hey baby thanks for tonight it was amazing

Me: thankyou Finn Wolfhard for being the best boyfriend ever

Text from: wifey

W I f e y: hey

Me: oh heyyyyy

W I f e y: how was it puta

Me: amazing

W I f e y: you better not forget about me

Me: I never would

W I f e y: good uwu

Me: night bub

W I f e y: night puta

Text from: Finn💕

Finn💕: I love you

Me: I love you too Finn

Finn💕: gn baby

Me: gn Finny

I close my eyes and drift off to sleep...

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