💗 Chappy 9

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Anika make Maggie for rudy

Rud_thief bhabi feed me

Shiv_she was my wifey go and tell your wifey to feed you

Rud_but I'm not married

Shiv_im not asking you married or not i say go and say your wifey to feed you

Rud_bhaiya wify come after marriage

Shiv_then don't eat till your wifey come .

Rud_but I'm hungry

Shiv_my wifey did not feed you

Rud_no my thief bhabi feed me

Shiv_she bot feed you

Both shivay and rudy started to jump while shouting.

Rud_she feed me


Both lye on floor and started to cry 😭😭😭😭😭.

Ani_😱😤 whake up both.


Ani_if you both not get up i give it to jimmy

Shiru_no no

Ani_then sit quietly fingers on your lip.

Rud_thief bhabi bhaiya pinch me

Shiv_no wifey

Rud_bhiya say lie

Shiv_ha did not know how to speak truth.

Rud_ha jhut bhaiya

Shiv_I'm not lie you was lie

Ani_i say keep fingers on lip


After feeding both .
Anika saw shivay and rudy sleep on dining table.

Ani_shivay rudy wake up

Shiv_no i did not go to school today

Rud_me too bhiya
I did not done my home work also

Shiv_me to rudy

Rud_hey hifi

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