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please note that the religion in this story is completely made up. it's like a weird mix of buddhism and christianity? (two religions that i know absolutely nothing about so wish me luck)

basically each soul gets reincarnated into a new life on earth for however long until a decision is made on whether they go to heaven or hell. they could get reincarnated into literally any living thing.

it's not real so don't try and hit me with some religious facts to prove that my story is bullshit because i'm telling you right now that it is, in fact, 100% bullshit.

don't think about it too hard.
if you go looking for things that don't make sense i guarantee you're gonna find something.
just be stupid with me for a little while. not everything has to make sense.

also, credit to chaotic-gayx for naming this story. you're the best!!!

thanks for deciding to read this story!

- gabe

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