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It's been 3 days since Lisa left,  Jisoo told me everything. How they prepared the said surprise for me when suddenly something came up,  Lisa left them without any notice.

I just stay inside of my room for days now,  I also met Lisa's sub.  He's nice tho but he just can't replace Lisa.

I fix my bed since I have to attend my classes now, Dad isn't home yet and maybe he didn't know about Lisa's disappearance.

I went to the bathroom wash myself, after I dried myself and comb my hair.  I immediately apply light makeup just to cover my eyebags.

I walk outside without my room when I accidentally bump into someone.

" I'm sorry " The person said coldly. I immediately lift my head up.

" L—lisa?! " I immediately hug her tightly, making her feel how I missed her.

I'm waiting for her response but it disapoint me when she just stand there, as uf I don't have any effect.

I back myself alittle and look at her.

I'm afraid but seems like she has no emotion,  like the first time we've met. I hate seeing her like this. I hate how she pretends like nothing happened.

" Where have you been? " I ask sobbing. I lowered my head and wait for her answer.

I felt how she slowly tap my shoulder.
I look at her confused amd at the same time strange.

" Just trust me Jen, " she said. No doubt she's my Lisa,  after hearing her say those.  I knew we're fine.

I'm about to hug her again when she stop me by holding placing her palm on my head.

" Please, Less touching " she said seriously.

" But— " I pouted but then she laugh.

" Just don't be touchy for the meantime,  okay? " she ask. I look at her and just nod. The important thing now is that she's back here with me.



I am now here at the headquarters,  Agent M called for me,  which made me a bit nervous and excited.

" Come in " she said as she let go of her control.

" Good morning Agen— "

" Call me Lisa from now on,  we have to discuss something,  this is about Kims " she saod seriously.

" What about them? " she look at me straight in the eyes.

" You've met Jennie Kim? "

" Yes— "

" She's my girl. " she said with her intimidating looks then turn around and opened her computer.

" Just to be clear Hanbin— let's go to your mission " how possessive she can be?

" I assumed you already meet my duplicate— and btw. Please do look after it,  I don't have a 100% control of that thing anymore "

I just nod at her and she continues.

" First,  make sure to keep the mansions protected,  not just them. Secure the area always and if you find something strange inform me,  if there are unexpected guests inform me,  if somethings off,  inform me— inform me at all cost. " she said coldy.

" Second,  never let anyone go near Jennie— don't you dare go near her too " she glared at me.  Okay,  she's getting weird now and it scares me.

" How can I look after her—? "

" You know what I mean! " she slams the table which made me yelp.

" I'm sorry— just do as what I say " she saod calmly while massaging her temple.

" Lastly, tell Chaeyoung that you two need to work together as a team,  we're in danger,  make sure to note anything that happens everyday. "

" What do you mean? " I ask her as I gulp.

" They were after the Kims back then,  but Dad— I mean Mr. Marco was able to find the one who killed the Lady Kim,  now they are after Jennie and Me— and the agents who are connected with the Kims.  " she said in a low voice.

" Maam Yes Maam,  I'll make sure to protect the Kims " I said.  She then signal me to proceed.

I was about to open the door when she stopped me.

" Agent— "

I face her and was surprised after seeing her showing an emotion. She's  scared,  her eyes we're threatening to let go of a tear.

" Please protect Jennie for the mean time— this is a do or die situation. You may now go " face her back and remained silent.

" She misses you— big time " I said sincerely remembering Jennies situation.

" I know,  i know— thank you "

" For what? "

" For protecting the only truth in my world that is full of lie " she said bitterly as she sob.

" it's an honor " I said and immediately walk out her office.


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