Chapter 7: The Super Elemental

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The basics meant some serious ass kicking, Viaan realised later. Nairiti was good, very very good at everything she did. But she was seriously hurting his ego. He was blasted back several times with a raise of her eyebrow. She did not have any qualms about hurting him in the practice session. Viaan was so angry at this that he stood up and faced her again when the only thing he wanted to do was sleep. He knew charging at her would only result in getting himself injured. He could try to distract her, but the question was how.

He decided to use his wayward levitating power. It couldn't do him more harm. He closed his eyes and imagined his power raising Nairiti off her feet. He opened his eyes and saw Nairiti floating a foot above ground. He imagined that if ever saw a goddess, she would look similar to her. She frowned at him and made a sweeping motion of her hands. Now he was on the ceiling again.

"Let me down. This is ridiculous. I move you one feet and you paint me on the ceiling."

"It isn't ridiculous, " she said with a straight face, "But it's so hilarious. You should have seen your face when you realised you were touching the ceiling."

"If you won't let me down, I'm getting down myself."

"Suit yourself, " she shrugged.

Viaan tried to get himself in the gravitational field but something was countering the force and it was obviously her magic. He thought it was normal to go along with nature. There was no need for magic then. If he could make himself light enough for Nairiti's magic, he could get down. He would have done something drastic when the door opened and a guy stepped in. He was the one who had practised with him on the first day. Viaan felt bad because he didn't remember the guy's name.

"Nairiti, someone is here for you."

She nodded and released the hold on Viaan. He fell down on a soft air cushion when he thought he would break some bones. She excused herself and left the room. Viaan rubbed his hands and shoulders and took a double take when he saw the guy standing in the doorway.

"What? You did not leave?"

The guy was well dressed with a long white shirt and gray pants. He had a humble face with soul searching brown eyes. Viaan thought that the guy was analyzing him.

"No prince Viaan. I wanted to see the person practice magic here."

"Uh sorry. I don't remember your name."

"I'm Avish. And it is my real name, unlike many people here. I think only both of us go by our real names here."

Finally, someone was giving him the information he sought.

"Why don't people use their real names?"

He came inside and sat down cross-legged. He was so relaxed unlike Viaan who was about to burst from the pain he was feeling.

"Because it is dangerous. The people we deal with easily snitch to our enemies if they know our real names."

"Is this building a secret? Because it wouldn't be hard for anyone to find out everyone here."

"They can. But this is restricted by the royal decree. It was sealed by all kingdoms of the agreement. And everyone thinks that this place has some wild animals or is in ruins. No one can enter here for a reason."

Viaan knew it was a protected secret organization but its extent, he did not know. The people here were exceptional at magic and also excellent warriors. He shouldn't be worried about them. The only thing he had to worry was his family's wellbeing. Poor Ahana was dealing with everything he should have been doing. He wondered how his nieces and nephew were doing. They were adorable kids who always loved him. Was his name tainted in their view too?

Avish cleared his throat. Viaan realised he wasn't alone.

"How much did you improve in the last lesson?"

"I would say, I didn't improve at all."

"If you are fighting against her, you will feel that feeling for a long time. Even if you can hold on your own in a fight with the supervisor,  you are doing awesome in my opinion."

"Are all of you this impressed with her?"

"Well, she is awesome and unlike any other warrior we have ever seen. And believe me, she glares too hard. My sister knows her."

"She is a warrior?"

"What? My sister? No. She is the healer here. She spends her time making medicines. You wouldn't see her much. I have to go inside her laboratory to talk to her. My parents worry about her."

"I would like to meet her. I know some things about medicines."

"I'll have to ask her. But you can come with me to the storage room to sort books. I have to find some documents. "

Viaan was searching for the papers in a red folder and it had nothing but their expenses. The yellow folder had employee information in all royal offices. It was interesting enough for him. He found information on literally everyone he knew. His brother's had a big blank in his magical qualification. Viaan thought Vivaan was a Whisperer but it wasn't written on the paper. His sister had water magic in her slot. Viaan's slot was also empty. Now that was simply blasphemous. Viaan wanted to tear those papers but the next name made him stop. It was his mother's.

Queen Suvrutti
Known for all five Elemental powers

Now that was something Viaan never knew anyone could have. Controlling one type of power was hard enough for anyone to go mad. Controlling five elements was seriously mad power. He never saw his mother manipulating any element. Then again what did he know? He was amateur in the field.

"Let's go. I found it!"

Avish had a stack if blue folders in his hands. Viaan wondered what the blue folders contained. He got up and promised himself he would return again and read the yellow folders.

Author's note:Hey hey hey guysHow are you? What do you think?How was the chapter? Was it good like the last ones? Any funny parts ;)

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Author's note:
Hey hey hey guys
How are you? What do you think?
How was the chapter? Was it good like the last ones? Any funny parts ;)

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