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Mr. Styles- Eloise has an appointment today at noon.

I looked up at the clock on the wall and sighed, "Thanks a lot." I mumbled to myself, and then looked over into the playroom where Eloise currently was, "Ellie, let's get your shoes on!"

With bouncy golden brown curls and stunning green eyes, little Eloise May Styles whipped her head around to see me, "Ca?"

Since she was only a year old, Eloise couldn't enunciate words and sounds very well, but she was trying her hardest. There were some words that she knew very well, and car just happened to be one of them. Ever since I started this job about a month and a half ago, I learned a lot about Eloise and how her brain worked, and that made it easier for me to understand her. I wanted to know what she wanted whenever she tugged on my hand so that I could keep her happy and satisfied, but that wasn't always an easy thing to do since she was just a baby, almost a toddler.

I slipped on my black coat as I watched Eloise watch me from her spot on the floor. The way that her brown eyebrows furrowed together reminded me of a certain somebody who lives in this house and never smiles, and I found joy in that. The two looked and sometimes even acted so alike, but only in this scenario where Eloise looked determined. Truth us, I still didn't know a thing about Mr. Styles other than he was a single father who was also a renowned psychiatrist, and that his ex-wife is currently on vacation with her fifty-year old boyfriend.

Mr. Styles made it abundantly clear that he didn't want to talk about her, and I never questioned it.

"Help!" Eloise called out to me, and I just smiled while walking over to help her with the shoes. She sat still and watched me intently as I rearranged her shoes and then tied up the laces, to which she commented, "Up, up!" Her little hands reached out for me, and I complied without hesitation to pick her up. I didn't mind holding her which was a good thing, because she absolutely loved being carried around despite being able to walk now. Granted, Eloise wasn't super great at walking, but she could get around pretty decent for more than thirty seconds on her own. Apparently Mr. Styles is notorious for always carrying her around and never wanting to put her down, but I learned that it's not because he doesn't want her to be independent, but it was because he didn't want her to get into any trouble. She was a baby, so that was going to be unavoidable, but that's why I was here I suppose.

I never thought that I would end up being a nursemaid for one of respected doctor, and I also never thought I would be attracted to him as well.

It's true. Mr. Styles quickly became the object of my affections after I started working for him. I never let my feelings show, never acted on my emotions, and did my best to keep it strictly professional between us to keep things from getting awkward. I really enjoyed the job despite Mr. Styles being kind of difficult to please, and then there was the frustration that he caused me whenever he told me important information at the last minute, like now.

It was a half an hour until Eloise's appointment, and I was doing my best to get her there without being late. I could say something passive aggressive towards Mr. Styles later on about this inconvenience, but what good would that do if he was the one signing my paychecks every week? Telling him off could lead me to being out of a job, and royally screwed in every way possible, so I couldn't risk pissing him off.

Since I started this job, I learned that it was best to just go along with whatever Mr. Styles threw at me, even if it caused me stress, because talking to him was an impossible thing to do. It was oddly ironic that I could never seem go get through to him despite his job being based on communication, but I guess he just preferred being a man of few words when it came to his personal life. There wasn't really anything wrong with it, but I felt like I needed to know more about him in order for this job to work out. I hated not knowing the man that I worked for, but most of all, I hated that I would only ever be a nursemaid to him.

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