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Sophia's POV
I groaned as a loud commotion started to become louder in the kitchen. People must be coming already. I heard a series of hushes in front of my door. I heard it open and I quickly brought my wolf forward. I let my canines grow and my eyes glow. When I sensed the person next to my bed, I turned around and let out a loud growl.

"Holy shit," James cursed. He jumped back and put his hand over his heart.

"You can't pull that shit on me," he said still in shock. I rolled my eyes and pushed my wolf back.

"And you can pull that bullshit on me?" I say pointing at the air horn in his hand. He shrugged and threw it at me.

"All our ears are sensitive and if you blew that in my ear, everyone else in this house could hear," I said. I looked out the door and saw an audience that consisted of Jacob and Brody.

"SOPHIE," I heard. I see Laura run into my room and tried to jump up on me but luckily Jacob quickly caught her.

"Let's not jump on Sophie," he says setting her down next to me. I was thankful for him because I didn't know what my wolf would have done if she jumped on my stomach.

"I missed you," I laugh and hugging her.

"Where's your mate?" She asked quickly. She was always fascinated with mates and apparently excited when I found mine.

"Is he not out there?" I ask Jacob. He shakes his head and I sigh. "Is Tala out there?" He nods.

"Do you want to go play outside in the snow with Tala?" I ask Laura. Her face lit up and she nodded.

"Can you take them?" I ask Jacob.

"Yeah sure but Tala needs a jacket," he says. I point to the closet.

"I'm gonna look for Titus," I say grabbing my hoodie and putting it on really quick.

"You're in shorts," James said. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my sweatpants of the side of my bed.

"Well, I'm waiting for y'all to get out of my room unless y'all want to see me change," I said. They all quickly dashed out of my room. I chuckle and quickly change.

I walk outside and greeted everyone quickly and left to go find my mate. I tried mind linking him but it didn't go through. I casually made my way to the pack house as the snow became heavier. The warmth surrounded me as I walked into the pack house.

There was a series of Lunas from the pack wolves. They lowered their heads in submission. I nod and they all lift their heads again.

I spot Nikolai at the couch. I walk over and lean on the couch.

"Do you know where Titus is?" I asked he shrugged and I sighed.

"I can help you look for him though," he said getting up and ditching his friends.

"No it's okay you can stay here if you'd like," I said. I didn't want to trouble him with my problems.

"You're the Luna and it s my pleasure to help you," he said. I rolled my eyes and nod.

"I'm gonna check the offices first," I said pointing up the stairs that led up to the high ranked wolves. I reached the top step and the smell of lust and sex filled my nose. I followed the scent to Titus' office. I opened the door and saw Lyra, naked, facing the door. The back of Titus' chair was facing the door. She bounced up and down and her eyes meet mine and she smirks.

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