My Camp Wedgie Story!! (Super Wedgie)

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Hi, So basically this happened when I went to a camp when I was 11. My parents thought it would be fun for me to go to a camp for a week in the summer time since school was out. My parents signed me up and I met up with everybody else at a bus that was taking us to the camp. At the camp you were paired up with another kid your age that you would be sleeping with that week and helping you put up the tent on the first night. So I got set up with a random kid he seemed really nice and was a couple years older but I didnt mind. We were setting up the tent and sleeping bags and what not, Then night came around and it was getting dark, we went to bed at about 10pm if I remember correctly. It Took me a while to go to sleep but once I finally got to sleep I felt a sharp pain in my nuts and it obviously woke me up. So I was on my back sleeping and now this kid I'm suppose to be camping with gives me the most hardest extreme front wedgie ever! (A Melvin). He continues to pull and then sits on my stomach. And then he started to yank 10 times harder and I could hear my underwear starting to rip (I was wearing briefs by the way). Then out of nowhere the dude pansted me and still kept pulling and it was up to my chest at this point and getting closer to my neck. He then decides to flip me over and wedgie the back, and it was almost felt like he was trying to do a squeaky clean wedgie while I was laying down lol. Anyways he gets up on my back now and gets it up to my neck and starts pulling on the leg holes really hard. My butt and not to mention my nuts hurt and burned so freaking bad! He managed to rip a huge hole in the back, then he keeps pulling giving me a ripping wedgie (trying to rip it off me). Now he was starting to pull at the bottom I guess to dig the wedgie in more and it ripped down there to and he could now see 90% of my butt! I was super embarrassed and then the next thing I knew they finally ripped clean off... thankfully I was on my stomach or else I would've been ten times more embarrassed. He then finally went to his sleeping bag while I grabbed some underwear from my bag. I didn't bother getting him back cause I knew I would lose, and also this kid was a couple years older then me (13) and I was 11 so he would've got me back later if not the next day or within the week. Anyways that was the time that I got super wedgied at camp. Hope you guys liked it! :D

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