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Hey I'm sorry for next not posting I am very lazy soooo sorry here's the story

Colby's POV

I go to my locker thinking that I will see my bullies I don't I get to my locker and look at it and see pictures of Brennen all over it crush was written in big letters over it I look at it and say what I didn't put this here I open my locker anyway then someone shoves me in my locker and closes the door I didn't get to look at the person but I hear someone laugh and walk off the bell rings and everyone starts to walk to class I bang on my locker door and say let me out please someone nobody can hear me and I hear the class room doors close I just sit down

~hours past~

My voice being very low I say please someone then someone open the locker I fall out of it on the floor  I just black out

Brennens POV

I walk up to Colby's locker and see pictures of me And crush was over top of it i said what in shock I open Colby's locker he gave me his code I wanted to see what's in there then I see he flop out I bend down and pick him up worried I call Sam I wait a few minutes Colby is in my arms I see Sam runing down the hall at me he comes over to me and says what happened I say i don't know I just opened he locker to see what was in it Sam says  why are you holding him like that I say  because I am now let's go I bring him and Sam to my house  I walk In and put Colby on couch then I sit by him Sam sits on the other end  we watch tv while we wait for Colby to get up

Colby's POV
I wake up and remember what happened I jump up and try to run out of the house then someone grabs me and pulls me back I say who are you I hear Brennens  voice say it's  me Brennen your at my house I say oh he pulls me back to the couch and says stay here then walk out the room I hear Sam say hey Colby I jump and say oh hi Sam I lay down In Brennen spot because he had a blanket and I wanted it I got the blanket and put it on me then I snuggled into the couch i hear Brennen come into the room and sit something on the table the shake me I say what he says eat the food I say oo food I sit up to see a glass of water and a hot pocket I eat it and say thanks Brennen he said that me and Sam could stay over————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-
I'm sleepy so sorry if this is bad talk to me at @sleppy.com bYe

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