Firework Festival?

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It's been a few days since we're back from the beach. After that, it seems like that I have nothing to do besides watching TV lazily. Dammit. This bore me a lot. But really, I have nothing to do. My favorite show on TV was finished and now I don't know what to do next.

     Next, I found my (phone color) phone ringing and vibrating. "Hm? It's a call from Haru. Rare." I answered the phone and hear that ocean-blue eyed boy's voice.

(y/n): "Hello? Haru?"

Haru: "It's me."

(y/n): "What's wrong? It's rare for you to call me."

Haru: "Come to my house now."

(y/n): "What?"

Haru: "Just come. Now."

     And so, he hung up.

     "Wait, Haru!" The conversation ends. "Jeez, that boy." I said to myself. But what if it's really important? Perhaps, he needs help to do something? I really need to come if this anxiety keep growing bigger inside me.

     The next thing, I found myself changing clothes and taking some things with me. I suppose I need to bring him something, like when visiting sick people. I don't know his circumstances, though. It would be better if I stop by to a convenient store. I decided to buy a (food) for him. He should eat something besides mackerels.

     While waiting the store clerk finish checking things I bought, I'm looking around the store and found an interesting poster. Written;


27/08/(year), 20.30 PM!

@The town main park


     27 August, huh.

     It's today. I really want to come. I do. I want to come with Haru. If we go together then, it will be out first time together in a firework festival. The thought of it makes me smiled reflexively. I really need to talk to him about this. I do need. After the store clerk finish checking things I bought, I pay and get out of the store almost immediately. I run.

     Minutes later I've arrived at Haru's house. As usual, he didn't lock his house, make things get easier. "Haru?" I called out and get no response. I peeked into his bathroom but there's no sign of a swimming trunks or a muscular body. I go to his bedroom and peeked a little. A body wrapped in a blanket laying feebly on the bed with eyes closed.

     "He's sleeping? Jeez," I talked to myself while walking closer to his body and vaguely smiled. "Mm," A meek hum ringing through my ears. "Haru? You're up?" I asked. "(y/n)? Is that you?" He asked while his eyes fluttering open. As he opened his eyes, I gradually realize his cheeks were red. At first, I didn't realize. Now that his ocean-blue eyes could be seen, they are so much contrast to his red cheeks.

     "Yeah. By the way, a fever?" I chuckled and lean closer. He gave me a weak nod. His half-lidded eyes looking towards me with a plastered smile. "So you called me because you need me, hm?" You brushed some strands of hair from his clammy forehead. Again, he nodded weakly. "Why you didn't mention it in the phone-call?" I placed the back of your hand on his forehead to check his temperature. "I just didn't feel like it." His face was expressionless with his eyes half-lidded.

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