God Damnit PT 2

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This is Alex and Noah again. Warning: Public stuff turns into a beating at home *wink wink*

"Noah. I swear to god if you don't stop we're going to go home and I'm going to beat you to sleep and then I'm going to come back and have fun." I said into his ear. We are at the arcade with some of my friends to celebrate the end of school. He and I are on a team for air hockey. 
"Mm, why?" Noah whined while hitting the puck. It went in the slot on the other side. Kyle looked at it and back at Noah. 
"How the hell are you winning?" Kyle asked. 
"I have good reflexes." Noah said shrugging. I smiled. I went to go and order food and Noah followed me. He leaned his back on my front and the person asked him what he wants. He pushed off me and his ass rubbed on my dick and he leaned on the counter. He stood with his ass out a bit and ordered a slushie. I ordered fries and he waited with me. I watched as he took a sip out of his straw and opened his phone. His little stunt earlier started to get me a little hard. Just looking at him does that to me. My fries finished and I grabbed his belt loop and pulled him to a booth. He sat down on the bench and I sat on the other side. 

"You're a fucking tease." I said leaning back on the bench. He shrugged and did some stuff on his phone. 
"You know Jacob Montenegro?" He asked. 
"Not well. Why?" 
"He won't leave me alone. I was just wondering if you could put a face to a name is all." 
"What's he saying?" I asked. A spark of possessiveness ran through me. 
"That he wants to smash and I keep telling him that I have a boyfriend and even if I didn't I still wouldn't smash." Noah said leaning back. 
"It's your ass and face. They draw everyone in." I said looking at him. His cheeks turned a light pink. 
"Scooch." Kyle said coming over and Noah went under the table to come to my side of the booth. He came up and ran his fingers over my dick as he came up. He plopped on the bench and he leaned on my side. He took a couple of fries. 
"I thought I told you to stop that." I growled into his ear. 
"Did you? I don't remember that." He said and leaned away from me. As we sat and ate, Noah had his right leg resting on my left thigh and his lower leg between mine. His knee is awfully close to my dick. 

"Alright guys, I have to go." Kyle said standing up. We all left and Noah got in my car like nothing happened. I got in and turned on the car. I pulled out of the parking lot. 

"Are you horny or something?" I asked him. 
"I am now, but I saw that you looked a little concerned when I told you that Jacob wanted to smash me." He said looking at me. 
"I'm not worried. I trust you and the fact that you're in my car and I can freely do this," I said putting my hand between his legs and he whimpered when I rubbed him a bit, "and get this reaction from you means that I have you, you have me and you're mine." I said gripping his thigh a bit tighter. 
"Mhm." He whimpered. 
"Mhm, what baby?" 
"I'm yours." He said squeezing his thighs together a bit. 
"You are. And since you were a tease tonight, I'm going to make you regret it. Unzip your pants." I said in the voice that makes him horny. I'm good at that voice. He slowly undid his pants and looked at me. 
"Good boy. Now, sit on your hands." I said and he did as I told him. I reached over and slid my hand into his pants. As I drove, I rubbed him painfully slow and he whimpered and whined and begged for me to go faster but I just stayed at the pace I was going. 

"A-Alex can you please go faster?" He asked. 
"Nope. I'm going to rub you slowly until you cum and then I'm going to take you home and fuck you real nice." I said in a deep voice. He squeezed his thighs together as I talked. His arms started to shake and his face turned pink. I put more pressure on his sensitive area with my palm and ran my fingers over his balls. He moaned and his breathing got heavier. 
"Are you going to cum Noah? Does my hand make you feel that good?" I asked rubbing a little faster. 
"Mm, yes." He moaned. 
"Good. Cum. Cum for me Noah." I said turning onto my street. 
"Ah, mm!" 
"You have until I park to cum or I'm going to leave you all worked up." I said rubbing faster. He moaned again and he rocked his hips against my hand. 
"There you go my dirty little pet. Use my hand to make you cum. We're so close to you being left in the car like this." I said pressing harder. I drove the speed limit, which is about 20 km/h and I smiled seeing how hard he was trying to make himself cum. 
"Noah. Cum for me before I ram you into the mattress so hard. Before I make you scream my name. Cum, before I fuck you til the only words your little brain can form, are Alex and yes." Noah shuttered and I felt him pulse under my hand and kept rubbing him through his orgasm. I smiled as his underwear got wet and he moaned over and over. 

A/N: Imma leave this here ;) 

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