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June 23,19

My horrified eyes met with those familiar worried magenta eyes pushing him towards a alley feeling my world crumble.

"W-what's going on Katsuo??" Nagisa said scared. Before I could answer him I quickly turned around my arms spread out protecting him.. protecting the only thing I hold close to me.  "Look you have the money.. run away as fast as you can .. I'll make an opening for you" I said in a quiet serious tone. "W-wait lets think this thro-"he was cut off when a pair of angry eyes stared at him. "I'm going to bring you and your accomplice down" his body emerged in flames. "You fucking touch him and I'll rip your throat out with my bare teeth" I narrowed my eyes.

"Now run!" I shouted as I ran towards the flames ignoring the excruciating pain in my thigh. I quickly took out a small rod extending it I pushed my body up with it trowing it under my legs. "What the hell-" Shoto eyes widen when he saw tears streaming down your cheeks as you turned to the honey blonde boy.

"Don't die I shouted out to Nagisa crying as the rod hit the wall making a beeping noise. A loud explosion was made. Everyone around the area screaming in panic as bits of the cement went flying everywhere you were hit making you go unconscious. "Please be safe .."


"W-where am I ..?" I slowly opened my eyes to a white room but with unwanted faces.

"You're finally awake you damn filth" That cold voice made me flinch bringing back unwanted memories.

"Shoto that's kinda uncalled for.." Deku and to your defense.

"Are you serious? Have you seen what she's done to Aizawa?!" His voice started to become loud.

"N-no w-hat I'm saying is -" "Aizawa was greatly injured .. we don't know if recovery girl is able to save his eyesight in his left eye and you were injured as well" he clutched his fist in anger while Deku stood silent.

"Speaking of the man.." I quietly said.
"Shota please we need more time to look at your eye the longer you wait the worse the condition it'll be!" Recovery girl came behind him. "I don't care it's just an eye" he brushed her away. 'His problem his eye isn't able to be recovered..not by her anyways..'

"Hurry up and bring her to the interrogation room" he said bitterly as blood still dripped from his eye.


I walked in to the cold white wall room with two security guards outside. I was seated into a chair with chains on my ankles  by the boy I'm assuming his name is Deku. He gave me a weak smile almost saying sorry as I just gave him a dead look. They went to another room to watch the scene unfold behind a bullet proof glass wall.

"Name." The man across from my demanded.
"Kurai" I said with no emotion behind my voice.
"Your real fucking name" he demanded once more.
"Kurai" I gave him the same answer . This wouldn't be the first time I was interrogated.
"Are you making a mockery out of me!" The blonde man screamed.

"Why did you-" Shoto was cut off. "He needs to learn to do interrogation." Aizawa folded his arms.

"So no name, age or birthday? So useless" he punched the steel table. I just watched amused. These hero's think so highly of themselves.

"You can kill me if you'd like" I shrugged
"Killing you would be to easy" he clicked his tongue. I smirked a bit causing his to get irritated but then he gave a devilish grin.

"Bring him in" he said snapping his finger.
'What are you up to hero'

My eyes couldn't believe the sight as I tried standing up but being pulled down by the chains.

"I-I'm sorry.." Nagisa cried. I could feel my heart start to race.

"I told you to run!" I screamed at him. "I couldn't just leave you!" He cried out. "You shouldn't just kept running you damn idiot!" I said trying not to lose my cool..kinda late for that.

"You give us the information we want and he won't get hurt.. far trade?" The man with the crimson eyes folded his arms happy with himself. "Let him go free and I'll tell you everything you want to know" I said staring him down with pure hate in my eyes.

"Ha! Yea right he's a criminal as well!" He growled. "Please .. don't say anything!" Nagisa shouted. "Shut up!" The man kicked him in the gut making him fall to his knees. "Ah-*cough*" making him spit out blood. "I said don't touch him!" I screamed feeling my blood boil.

"Aizawa dont you think we should intervene..?" Deku said staying over you sadly. "Like I told Shoto he needs to do more of these..I have to go I'll be back quickly recovery girls needs some things to check up on" he left leaving the two boys watching everything unfold.

"Are you going to talk or do I have to kill this kid to get some information out of you?" He grabbed Nagisa by the hair. All I could feel is Numb & Sadness. Nagisa is the only reason why I continue to live he's been my crutch ever since ..that day. I won't be the reason he dies here. I looked down on my lap. Letting a few tears drop. Nagisa will sure hate me for doing this but this is the only way.

"Red peonies are my favorite" I said smiling to the two boy's but with emotionless eyes. Nagisa eyes widen knowing what this ment immediately starting to cry even more. Bakugou just looked at you both wildly. Shoto sensed something bad would happen but was on guard.

"K-urai.. I-I" He began to panic. "Red peonies are my favorite kind of flowers" I looked down on my lap .. waiting.

"Just what in the hell are you talking about?!" He grew angry.

"Please forgive me.." Nagisa cried silently.
"Hey whatever you're going to do stop!" He shouted as he reached for his waist to call for Eraserhead but quickly looked up when he heard a scream that made his blood run cold.

'What in the world-'

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