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AS ZACH sat on his suitcase on the side of the road, the hot, dry air of the desert blowing through his long-sleeved white shirt as he rested his hands on his arms, he debated calling anyone he knew that could potentially come pick him and Daniel up and get them to the festival on time. But he knew by the time anyone got to where they were now and started driving, it would be far too late to make their performance.

This sucks. He thought to himself. They had an amazing opportunity to perform somewhere unlike anywhere they'd done before. But now two of them didn't seem like they'd make it. And it sucked.

He heard footsteps walk over to him and he turned his head, seeing Daniel hang up the phone as he approached him. "That was Jon. He said he could try to get someone out here to drive us, but by then it'd be too late." He frowned, Zach doing so as well. "I texted Jonah, let the guys know what was happening. They're probably out though, having fun." The blue-eyed boy pursed his lips together and looked at the ground, despair in how he stood, that much was obvious to the younger.

"We're fucked." Zach spoke, tilting his head against his shoulder so he could see Daniel. "Stupid bus. Even driving would have been better than this."

"We're stuck here, Zach, what do you want me to say?" The doler boy questioned and looked at his younger friend who just shrugged. He sighed and turned back around, putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He looked to the side and squinted in the wind at the other passengers who were making plans or talking of places to stay. 

Zach settled his gaze back on the dirt and sand below his suitcase and let out a sigh of frustration. They'd been sitting at the side of the road for three hours and nothing, nothing at all.

The sound of tires coming to a stop in front of them made Zach raise his head, Daniel's turning in the same direction behind him. An old combie, brown and white, had stopped in front of them and the door was pushed open, revealing a brown-haired teenage girl, Zach's age more or less, an older one behind her, and a blond boy sitting behind the steering wheel.

"What happened here?" The younger girl asked, stepping out of the van to reveal her black shorts and grey hoodie she was wearing. Her hair was back in a ponytail and brown eyes squinting at the scene in front of them.

"The bus broke down." Daniel spoke up, stepping forward next to Zach to talk to them. "We were heading down to the Time Music festival but it stopped here, we haven't been able to move in hours and it doesn't look like we will be for a while."

The girl behind the first one stepped out and raised her eyebrows. "We're heading down there too, that sucks..." She frowned and looked back at the guy driving. She stepped in and spoke for a few moments, Zach and the girl standing there looking at each other awkwardly, before she stepped out again. "If you want, we could take you there?"

"Really?" Zach's eyes widened at the offer. It seemed too good to be true.

"Yeah." The blond boy added, peering his head around the seats. "We've got the room. People usually don't trust a guy in a van." He chuckled and gestured to himself.

Zach grinned and looked at Daniel. "It's a miracle!" He said and got up, now visibly more happy than he was just a moment before.

"Hang on, we don't even know you." Daniel added with his hand held up. The younger boy turned to him and lightly smacked his arm. He didn't want this to be messed up.

"Well, I'm Atlas Richardson." The blond with curly hair introduced himself. "Just got friendly neighborhood guy from California trying to get to a music festival."

"I'm Hallie Carpenter." The younger brunette said and smiled slightly, her hands going into her pockets.

"And I'm Abigail Marina." The final girl added and placed her hand on Hallie's shoulder. "I'm her older half-sister."

Daniel seemed to ponder it for a moment. "I'm Daniel Seavey, this is Zach Herron, and do you really think you could take us there?" He asked one more time, now Zach could see he wanted to believe it.

"Definitely. We can make it there in maybe a day if we really try." Atlas said, an optimistic grin on his face that matched the tone in his voice.

Daniel looked from the combie van to Zach's hopeful expression and sighed. "Then what are we waiting for?" He questioned, a slight grin on his face as he picked up his bags and put them in the back that Abigail directed him to.

Hallie climbed back into the front row of seats in the van before lifting her head, a teasing smirk falling on her face at the sight of Zach. "You gonna come in or are you going to stand there smiling like a fool?"

Zach shook his head, more in amusement than anything, and put his bags in the van before climbing in alongside Daniel. The door to the combie shut and they were off down the long road in a few short moments.

Zach's only hope was that they could get there on time.

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