04 | backstage

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THE FOUR young adults, lead by a stage manager, walked around the backstage area with red Performer passes hanging around their necks. Julianna was using one of the other boy's, and with Corbyn's arm around her shoulder people didn't seem to question it.

"And right back here is the dressing room you guys will be in before you perform." The stage manager gestured to the door that had a "Why Don't We" sign taped on it. "Everything has already been sent over by your managers and the record company." He nodded and turned around, walking briskly to the stage.

"He seems determined." Julianna commented and the boys chuckled before following after the man.

They stepped out onto the stage and looked out to the field, seeing the various tents and booths set up already. A low note went through the speakers and Jonah held his hands to his ears before looking to the center of the stage, where a brunette girl stood behind a microphone, recoiled away from it.

"I'm guessing that's not supposed to happen?" Jack said and pointed to the speaker on the side. The stage manager sighed exasperatedly and went off the stage, pulling down the microphone on his headset.

"Well he doesn't seem too happy." Corbyn chuckled and Julianna lightly elbowed his chest. He put his hand to his ribs and feigned a pout at her.

"I think that's my fault." The brunette girl who was behind the microphone held her hand up as she approached the small group. "Sorry. Are you guys waiting for soundcheck?" She questioned and looked between the group.

"No, we've got it tomorrow." Jonah spoke up, a slight smile tugging at his lips when he noticed her looking at him. "Half our band isn't here, so kinda pointless to do it now."

"I guess that makes sense." The girl chuckled quietly and tucked her hair behind her ear. "I'm Eliana Barrett, by the way. I'm performing as well." She introduced with a smile.

"Nice to meet you." Jack smiled. He always was a friendly one. "I'm Jack, that's Corbyn and Julianna, and that's Jonah." He pointed to the eldest of the group who had a smile on his face that seemed to just border on a smirk.

Well she was cute, and he definitely took notice.

"Hey, I've heard of you." Julianna pipped up, a look of realization on her face. "Your songs are amazing, like, always playing in my car." She admitted and let out a small laugh as Corbyn rolled his eyes and pulled her into his chest, effectively shutting her up.

"Thanks. That's nice of you." Eliana smiled as a darker girl in a pink cropped t-shirt ran up to her from behind.

"We gotta go. The food truck opened and I'm starving." The new girl whined before taking notice of the people in front of them. "Oh hi, I'm Rockelle, and I'll be dragging her away now." She rushed out and took Eliana's hand, dragging her away.

Jonah chuckled as he watched them leave, crossing his arms over his chest. "Nice meeting you!" He called after her, watching Eliana turn and shake her head despite the smile on her face before being dragged off.

The stage manager came back over, visibly less angry, and started leading the group back to where everything else was being set up. This week already seemed to be going well.

That probably wasn't going to last.

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