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THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS were already bustling with people when Julianna and three-fifths of Why Don't We arrived that afternoon. They looked around with smiles on their faces as people talked, greeted each other, some cheering and more than a few weren't sober. But what could you expect, it was a festival in California.

"I already feel like I'm burning up." Jack groaned and put his hands over his eyes to shield them from the sun, squinting nonetheless. Even in a t-shirt and shorts, the heat of the California summer sucked.

"Me too." Julianna frowned. She reached up and pulled her hair back up into a ponytail, hopefully helping with the heat. "Why is the stage so far?" She whined, mostly joking, and adjusted the strap of her pink tank top on her shoulder.

Corbyn rolled his eyes and put his arm over her shoulders. "Because they want to torture us, obviously." He joked and chuckled, flinching away when Julianna rolled her eyes and smacked his chest.

"Oh hush, blondie." She shook her head, a teasing smile on her lips. Jonah rolled his eyes and jokingly pushed the two forward, not really sick of the "couple."

Jack chuckled and ran a hand through his mess of curls. He glanced around the festival grounds and stopped when he saw two girls walking away from a parked food truck.

One of which, a light brown-haired girl, was tugging her darker-haired companion away from a food truck with a wrapped piece of food in her hand. The darker brunette rolled her eyes and Jack watched as they flickered around the festival grounds before landing on him.

His cheeks started heating up and his gaze quickly turned back to his other friends, trying to shake the feeling of embarrassment going through him. What was the big deal? He was looking at a girl—

A cute girl. He caught himself thinking. Jack tugged at his bottom lip with his teeth and shoved his tattooed hands in his short pockets, walking in pace with the group.

It was normal, it had to be.

ALICIA LINDELL didn't want to go to a music festival. Quite the contrary; she was a bookworm, liked taking pictures and stayed in the quiet of her room.

But she got an opportunity at this festival, taking pictures of the people going and acts to post to the website. It was paying so she couldn't say no.

Also her friend, Morgan Macanna, really wanted her to go.

"See? It's not all bad!" The lighter brunette emphasized and held her arms out as her and Alicia stood in line at a food truck. "They have good food, music acts start tonight, there's sure to be some cute guys." Morgan added and nudged her best friend's arm.

Alicia rolled her eyes and ordered her food before turning to her excitable friend. "Come on Morgan, we both know this isn't my scene." She said and handed some money to the vendor, getting her food in exchange. "Besides, clearly the boys are what've caught your eye. I'll stick to catching everything else with my camera." She said as they started to walk away, taking a bite of her wrap as the other girl tugged her along.

"You're no fun." Morgan pouted at her friend before her usual dimpled grin took its place. She couldn't hold that serious of an expression for long.

Alicia giggled and raised her hand to cover her mouth, taking a glance around the grounds around her. Her gaze stopped on a boy standing a few yards away, his brown and highlighted hair a mess of curls, a silver nose ring in, tattoos littering his arms and he wore a blue Hawaiian-style shirt and some off-white shorts. She watched his eyes widen and his head turn to his friends; a tall brunet boy who seemed to be messing with a blond boy, who's arm was around a girl with brown hair pulled up into a ponytail and a playfully teasing smirk on her face.

"Ooh, he's cute." Morgan commented from the side.

Alicia turned to her friend and just shook her head, grabbing onto her wrist and tugging her back in the direction they'd set up camp in. "I am not letting you turn this into something more than it is." She stated despite Morgan's pout.

Because really, it was nothing.

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