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I lied I wanna continue this

3 months later

Kayden heard her phone alarm go off. She looked at it checking the time. 6 AM. A scowl formed on her face as she groaned "Rise and Shine. Its a new day." The windows opened with the light shining on her face.

"Fuck." She growled sighing as she looked to see her uncle smiling as he went to the other window and opened the blinds. She noticed the man wearing his running attire and a whine fell from her lips as she covered her eyes shaking her head "We've been doing this for three months and yet. Still hate this."

"I know but gotta keep that healthy body up. Come on get up gotta do this run. Smoothie is downstairs." He said and left the room. Kayden let out a sigh as she got up lazily. She pushed the red blankets off of her then hopped out of bed. She went to her dresser and opened it pulling out a pair of running clothes and getting dressed grabbing her tennis shoes before going downstairs hearing the sound of a smoothie being made.

She slipped her shoes on the tile floor and went over to Jake. He slid her a glass of a red smoothie and she caught it drinking it. He poured his in a cup and drank his looking at her. She hummed and finished it yawning. "Awe come on you should be used to this now." He said and she scowled.

"Just because I am used to it doesn't mean I don't like it." She mumbled with him "And I can't do my hound speed so its worse." She said and he smiled at her. Kayden had her hair died from her original brown to a dark raven black short bob from how she had it cut. Her body felt like it got fuller and a bit stronger. Staying with Jake has showed her self control in and out of hound form. "Go ahead. I'll catch up." He said.

Kayden sighed and opened the door closing it as she step down the stairs in London. It was a shock to her finding out her uncle actually lived in London but in the neighborhood it was very peaceful. She started out on a light jog waiting for her uncle to come up to her. He soon appeared by her side and the two jogged playing music put loud as they ran down the street smiling. After the hour run, The two went back home and Jake went into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle throwing it to Kayden who caught it.

"Alright. Whats for breakfast?" Kayden asked opening the bottle and drank the entire thing. Jake chuckled at her raising a brow.

"Normal. Cereal, fried egg, potatoes." He said to her "Avocado with toast." He added and she nodded.

"Well you go make that I'm gonna go shower." She said slipping off her sneakers and running up the stairs. Kayden turned on the shower and peeled off her clothes throwing them in the dirty clothes, that was piled in a basket, in the corner of her room. She washed the sweat out of her hair and finished washing herself. Kayden dried herself but not without the feeling of being watched. She looked out of the corner of her eye. "Jake?" She called out.

"Making breakfast." He shouted from downstairs. Kayden looked worriedly seeing her door cracked and a shadow from the outside as the floor creaked. She grabbed the nearest thing that was near her which was a flat iron. "Kayden?" He shouted "You okay?" She opened the door and looked seeing nobody from outside but saw a room that was never in use doors opened. She looked suspicious.

"Jake? Did you leave the door to the unused room opened?" She asked him. Jake stopped what he was doing looking up with wide eyes.

"Kayden come downstairs." Kayden walked up to the door "Kayden?! Kayden get down here right now!" He shouted. Kayden stopped peaking in. The room was empty. She looked around walking inside. "Kayden!" Jake shouted and rolled his eyes. "Why does she never listen to me?" He asked himself running from the kitchen. Suddenly the door closed from behind her. She went over trying to open it but it was locked.

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