Start Again

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Subin's POV
As I walked into the campus, I suddenly felt a pair of thin arms wrap around me and pull me into a bear hug. I turned around to see my best friend, Sungyeon. She has been my best friend since I started here when I was eleven. We have always looked out for each other and stuck together.
"I've missed you so much!!" Sungyeon shrieked
"We literally saw eachother yesterday though"
"I know but I was lonely"
"Are you ready for our last year of school?"
"As ready as I think I'll ever be"
Just as we were about to turn around, we heard a large group of people screaming. This happened on most days, for the exact same people. NCT Dream.
"Jaemin oppa I love you"
"Haechan oppa you're so hot!!"
"Jisung oppa you're so cute I'm gonna die!!!!!"
Me and Sungyeon just sighed and rolled our eyes. Sadly, we weren't in the same class. I don't really know how I'm gonna cope without her because we do everything together. We said bye to each other and headed to class. I was one of the first in the class, which was quite normal for me.
I sat down in my seat and started reading. As more people came into the classroom, it started to get louder. The noise distracted me so I just laid my head on the desk until the teacher came in. English was our first lesson. I was good at it, but I didn't like it.
"Good morning class" Mr Kim exclaimed.
"Today we are goin-"
Before he could finish his sentence, the door slammed open and there he appeared. Lee Jeno. The bully of the school. He was part of NCT Dream. All the girls swoon over him, but I think that they are just stupid. Why would you love a bully?
" What's your latest excuse, Mr Lee?"
Mr Kim questioned.
"I overslept" Jeno snapped back.
Everybody knew that it was a lie, but everyone was either too scared or in love with him to say anything. He just looked around the classroom in search for a seat. Oh no. The only spare seat is next to me. Shit. Jeno's eyes landed on the chair. He rolled his eyes and strolled to his seat.
"As I was saying class, we will be starting a project."
Everyone groaned at the announce ment. Suddenly, Doyoung piped up,
"Sir are we allowed to choose our partners?"
"No, I have already chosen them for you"
Everyone just sighed. They knew that was going to happen. He started to read out the list.
" Taeyong and Seulgi, Johnny and Mark, Jungkook and Lisa, Yoongi and Jennie, Subin and Jeno"
I froze at his words. Are you being serious? Not only is there a bigger chance of me getting bullied by him, but all of his followers are going to try and kill me. I can already feel the death glares piercing through me. I turn my head to look at Jeno's reaction, but I found that he was already staring at me. Once I turned my head around, he immediately whipped his head around to the other side so he wasn't looking at me.

Jeno's POV
I feel so awkward right now. Subin has been my long time crush. I started liking her when we were 11. I've never been able to get her attention because we've never been in the same class before. But I don't think she would accept me. I'm known as the bully of the school, so why would she want to date me?
She's so beautiful, kind and cute. I can't talk to her because I would probably scare her away. I didn't realise that I was staring at her. She turned to look at me, so I had turn away. Maybe I turned a little too quickly. I felt a twinge in my neck. I hissed in pain. Everyone's eyes were on me. This was so embarrassing. Suddenly, everything started to go blurry. Then it all went black.

(Just saying there is a certain muscle in your neck that if you pull it that happens)

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I will try and update regularly

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