Chapter 7

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Thankfully our third and final week in Charming was quite calm compared to the last two. We had the spa day on the Saturday and surprisingly I got on well with Tara but that might have had something to do with the wine we had drunk all afternoon or the few joints we passed around after we had our treatments when we were all lazing in the out door whirlpool. Luckily the prospect had driven us in Gemma’s SUV cause when we came out not one of us was capable of driving. When we got back to the club house we were still laughing and the boys thought it was hilarious that we were giggling with each other. The kids were not fazed at all that we had left them with their fathers, but I think that the prospects had been left to watch them as they were still sitting on the benches like they were when we left them but the kids had been fed and were all whole so I was taking that as a win.

The only blip came on Monday, Alex had left TM with Happy and Tig as I was helping Gemma in the office as she had Abel with her. I had no idea where the three of them were going but was not impressed when they came back a few hours later and Alex told me that Happy and Tig had shown him how to shoot a gun. Gemma must have seen the look on my face as she stood up quickly taking Abel and Alex with her saying she would be in the club house and quickly left me to deal with these two just outside the office. When I was sure Alex couldn’t hear me I turned to look at them and said through clenched teeth desperately trying to control my temper. ‘What the fuck did you two think you where doing, taking my son to shoot things? He is ten god damn years old.’

‘He is my son too Lucy and he needs to learn how to handle one’ he said and his jaw was ticking so I knew he was pissed, but at this point I really didn’t give a fuck.

‘Why the fuck does he need to know that?’

‘Cause I have them in my house and he needed to know that they are not toys. He needed to respect that.’

‘He is fucking ten Happy’ I said knowing my voice was rising when Tig decided to speak. ‘You were younger when I taught you Lucy, be reasonable.’

‘Reasonable dad really? I was living in the middle of a god damn war zone when you showed me how. We live in a fucking quiet suburb, he doesn’t need to know how to shoot a fucking gun to be respectful of them and why am I only finding out about it now? How long have you two been planning this?’ I said crossing my arms over my chest.

‘We decided earlier today but I knew you would say no’ Happy said pulling his smokes out of his kutte.

‘Ya damn right I would have said no. I should have been asked for my opinion Hap and we could have talked about it like adults not this under handed shit when you go behind my back and pull a stunt like this. Him I expected it from.’ I said pointing to Tig who huffed and crossed his arms but didn’t say anything cause he knew I was right. ‘But you I thought had more respect for me as his mom than to pull something like this. Gotta say this doesn’t fill me with confidence about letting him stay here without me when you do shit like this.’ I snarled and turned and walked away before either of them could reply. I knew I had pissed Happy off by saying that last bit but it was how I felt. I should have been consulted before they let my son hold a fucking firearm. I walked straight into the club house and told Alex we were leaving, he grumbled something under his breath, but could tell by the look on my face now was not the time to back chat me so said bye to Gemma and followed me out as we walked towards the truck. Happy came stomping over to me after Alex had climbed in and the door was shut.

‘Where the fuck do you think you are going after saying something like that to me?’ he said but didn’t raise his voice so Alex couldn’t hear him.

‘I am taking him home for dinner and I swear to god Happy if you know what is good for your health you will give me some time to calm down before I say something that can’t be taken back. I am so fucking angry right now.’ I said before walking past him and climbing into the drivers side and starting the truck.

We didn’t speak on the drive back to Hap’s but once we got inside he followed me into the kitchen and sat at the table as I pulled a beer out of the fridge and took a long pull.

‘Are you angry with me mom?’ he asked.

‘No baby I ain’t angry at you but lets just say I am not to happy with my dad or your’s right now.’

‘It was really good though, they both made me watch them as they took apart the guns and cleaned them before I could touch one mom and it wasn’t a big gun. Happy said that I was never to touch one unless I really needed too and that if I pointed it at someone I had to be prepared to shoot them.’

‘I get that baby and I am grateful that you are respectful of them, what I am mad at is that neither of them talked to me about it before taking you but listen we are gonna have some dinner just the two of us and you can go to the garage with your dad tomorrow ok?’

‘Ok mom, I love you’ he said and came over and gave me a hug before saying he was gonna go read whilst I made dinner. 


Jesus Christ that woman could piss me off like no other woman I ever knew. I thought she would be a little upset that we had took Alex shooting but the way she seemed to doubt that I could take care of him without her made my blood boil. How fucking dare she insinuate that I would put him in danger? I loved that kid more than I ever thought possible and would die to keep him safe. I needed to punch someone or something so I told Tig to meet me in the ring in five minutes and I saw him nod as I stormed over to the club house to grab a beer. Nobody spoke to me when they saw the look on my face as I walked straight behind the bar and grabbed a beer.

When I came outside Tig was already in the ring leaning again the ropes talking to Bobby and Chibs who had come out of the garage. I spoke to no one as I took my rings and kutte off before making my way into the ring.  After ten minutes everyone was out of the club house watching us and I heard Clay tell Bobby to break it up and we hugged it out when we were done before both climbing out the ring. I walked past everyone and made it back into the club house before I realised that Gemma was following me, I still felt the anger coursing through me but not like the murderous rage it was before I got in the ring.

As I sat at the bar with a bottle of whisky in front of me Gemma took the seat next to me but I didn’t look her way as I cracked the seal on the bottle and took a swig forgoing a glass.

‘I know you don’t talk much but you can listen to what I have to say Happy. I get why you took him to the warehouse today, Christ Lucy was younger when she learnt but you didn’t have the right to do it without her knowing about it. Alex didn’t grow up here Hap, he has no idea the danger that it sometimes brings. You should have talked about it with her before making that decision. He is both your kid but she has been alone in this for ten years, it’s gonna take her time to realise that she can count on not just you but any of us to be there and help her, not just with Alex but with everything Hap’

‘Who’s fault is that? I didn’t know that he even existed til a few fucking weeks ago Gem’ I all but snarled at her, she simply raised a brow at me but didn’t comment on it.

‘Well from how you reacted when she told you she was pregnant I am gonna have to say yours Hap. Do you think it is easy for her to go from having to make every decision for her son to suddenly having his dad back in the picture and now have to consider how he feels about everything she has done alone up until this point. How many other women would be willing to go back to a place where her family pretty much abandoned her when she needed them the most, not only that but take a massive step back like she has done since she has been here so you can spend as much time with him as possible, even though it was their tradition to go away together just them for years. I would say that with the amount of women that could have been your baby mama Happy you got fucking lucky it was Lucy and not one of the fucking crazy skanks who hang around here and every other club house up and down the country and used your kid against you simply cause they are desperate for a guy with a patch on his back. Now I mean this with love cause you’re family but stop being a dick, pull your head outta your ass and realise just how fucking lucky you have it before it’s too late.’

Before I could even reply she was off the stool and out the door leaving me alone with my bottle to think about everything she had just said to me. I knew I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be around anyone at the minute so picked up the bottle and walked back to my dorm.

A few hours after smoking and working my way through the bottle as I thought about everything not only Gemma had said but what Lucy had said to me since she came here, I realised that yet again I had been a dick and would need to apologise to Lucy. Christ I think I had apologised more to her in the last two weeks than I had ever said in the last ten damn years. As I sat and thought about how I would be lucky if she let me tomorrow I could hear the music being turned up in the main part but couldn’t bring myself to move and be around anyone right now. So I simply kicked off my boots after putting the empty bottle on the floor and lay on my bed still fully clothed and closed by eyes.


I made us a simply dinner of spaghetti and meatballs not really in the right frame of mind to concentrate on anything else and called Alex down when it was ready. We didn’t talk much during dinner but after I tidied up I went and joined him on the sofa where he was watching cartoons. ‘Mom am I still gonna be able to come here again in a few weeks. I promise not to touch a gun’ he said looking at me with a weary look on his face and I immediately felt guilty that I was the one that had caused it.

‘Alex, me and Happy are going to have to sit down together and have a long chat about how we need to talk about things concerning you, but I will never stop you from seeing him or spending time with him. I can’t see it being a problem for you to come back but I need to talk to him about everything ok?’

‘Ok Mom, thanks’ he said and cuddled into my side as we both turned back to watching the cartoons. He went up to bed a few hours later and I pulled my phone out to text Gemma, asking her if there was any chance she could come over tomorrow and watch Alex so I could go for a run. I got one back saying she would be over bright and early which I was pleased about, I missed my tread mill at home and knew a good run around town would help me clear my head a little and hopefully calm me before I spoke to Happy about everything that had happened today.

The next morning I was up at six and felt a lot better after a good nights sleep, but I was still seriously thinking of way to get Hap’s bed back to Boston as it was the most comfortable thing I had ever slept on. I was on my third cup of coffee just after seven when I heard a car pull up. I stepped outside to see Gemma getting out of her car and making her way towards me. I was standing already in my shorts and sports bra holding my cup. ‘Morning baby’ she said as we both walked into the house, she went straight over to the coffee pot and poured herself one after grabbing the other cup off the drainer.

‘Morning Gem I wasn’t expecting you this early.’

‘Well, I thought it would be better to get here early as I suspect that Happy will be here to talk to you soon especially after I ripped him a new one yesterday after you left.’

‘God Gemma what did you say to him?’

‘Just some home truths about how lucky he is to have you as his baby mama and not one of the skanks that hang around the club is all.’ She smirked at me as I groaned at the thought of her telling Happy this, but decided I didn’t want to know all the details so I simply walked over to her and after putting my cup in the sink kissed her cheek and told her I was going to run to the park and back.

‘Baby that’s like four miles either way’ she said.

‘Yeah I know but I normally do ten miles at least three days a week on my treadmill at home, so trust me I will be fine’ I said as I grabbed my water bottle which I had placed on the table by the front door before making my way outside to stretch and heading towards the park.

After stretching I pushed my head phones into my ears, hit play on my playlist and began running towards the park. I made it in about twenty five minutes and was surprised that when I turned the last corner and saw the main gates of the park come into view I also saw Happy sitting on his bike smoking. I pulled my head phones out as I neared him but didn’t speak to him knowing that if I didn’t stretch I would cramp up on the run back. After I few minutes I was standing upright again and he handed me a ice cold bottle of water out of one of his saddle bags, which I gratefully took maybe I was used to running, but the heat in Charming was a lot different from what I was used to back in Boston and I had already drained the one I brought with me.

‘Thanks’ I said after I had finished nearly half of it in three big gulps.

‘Thought you might need it.’

‘How did you know where I was?’ I asked as I sat on the grass next to where he was parked.

‘Gemma told me when I went to mine so I thought it would be easier to talk just the two of us’ he said getting of his bike and sitting next to me on the grass.

‘Of course she did.’

‘I guess I owe you yet another apology Lucy. Christ I feel like all I have done since you got here is say sorry for being a dick to you.’

‘I am sorry too Happy. I never meant you to think I would ever keep him away from you, but we really need to learn to talk to each other whenever something concerns Alex and I get why you took him shooting. He told me that you made him watch you assemble and clean the guns before he even touched one. You have to realise that he hasn’t had the childhood I had. Yeah, Tig and Koz taught me how to shoot when I was eight but it was right in the middle of the Mayans war for fuck sake. I couldn’t even get the school bus for nearly a year. I never want him to feel scared like I did at times when I was a kid.’

‘Shit Lucy I never thought of it like that.’

‘Yeah it wasn’t fun but I had Jax, Thomas and Opie who although they were a few years older than me knew what it was like.’

‘I also want to thank you.’

‘For what, I haven’t done anything.’

‘Yeah you have Luce. Gemma talked to me yesterday and she made me realise just how much of a step back you have taken so I can spend as much time with him as possible, just so we can get to know each other. Christ not many women would do that especially after he told me about some of your previous vacations. He told me the other day that last year you took him trekking through Mexico cause he is obsessed with the Aztecs since learning about them in school.’

‘Well it is what he wanted to do plus I loved it too. He gets his love of history from me Hap.’

‘Yeah he does Luce, but you bringing him here this year is a big deal and I didn’t realise til Gem all but smacked me in the face with it.’

‘How about we both agree that when it comes to Alex we will always talk to each other, even if we disagree we can try to come up with a compromise that we can all live with so it doesn’t result in a screaming match like yesterday.’

‘Agreed but fuck Luce when did you get so grown up?’ he said and when I looked at him he was smirking at me.

‘The day I pushed out a eleven pound baby Hap’ I said and his face scrunched up at what I had just said.

‘Is that a big baby?’ he asked and I couldn’t help but laugh at him cause he truly looked bewildered by it.

‘Fuck yeah it’s a big baby the average baby is like seven pounds.’

‘Oh’ was all he said as I laughed at him, I couldn’t help it. He truly looked like he as trying to work it all out in his head

‘Hap there are studies out there that say childbirth is like having twenty bones in ya body break all at once so trust me it ain’t fun’ I smirked.

‘But what about the drugs and shit they give you?’

‘All well and good unless you have a really quick delivery like I did and there wasn’t enough time. Cause trust me I would have had anything they were willing to pump me with but in truly Lowman style the little shit came into the world quick, kicking and screaming’ I said with a smile as he started laughing. ‘Poor Matt nearly had a heart attack when I came bursting into his bedroom at two in the morning demanding he take me to the hospital. We got there and he was born fifty one minutes later.’

‘Christ I thought that shit went on for hours.’

‘Me too, but I had been having pains on and off for days and just thought that was normal til I got a massive one when my waters broke and that was it. He wanted out and boy did he make an entrance.’

‘That’s my boy’ was all he said and I didn’t have to look at him to know he was proud the dick, he wasn’t the one going through it but I just shook my head as I got up. ‘Right, well I ain’t running back now or my muscles will kill me later so I will see you later Hap, I told Alex he would see you at the garage today.’

‘Luce get on the bike, I will take you back’ he said as he got up and handed me his helmet, before I could say anything he walked towards me, strapped it on my head and pulled the straps til it fit, then turned and sat on his bike simply waiting for me to get on behind. I simply nodded, climbed behind him and wrapped my arms around him as he started the bike.

We pulled up to the house a few minutes later and Alex must have heard the bike cause he came and stood on the porch as I climbed off Hap’s bike and took off the helmet, he was still sitting on his bike and he hadn’t turned the engine off either. ‘Wanna come in and have some breakfast with us?’ I asked and he simply nodded and turned off the bike, following me up to the porch and we both got hugs off Alex before we all went inside.

Gemma was cooking breakfast when we got into the kitchen and I told them I was having a quick shower and I would be back down to eat with them then. We all sat around eating ten minutes later when I spoke. ‘Gemma I am thinking of going to Lodi to the mall later today, this one needs more shoes’ I said gesturing to Alex who was oblivious to us as he shovelled bacon into his mouth.

‘Sure Lucy, what time you thinking cause if it can wait til after eleven I will have Abel cause Tara has back to back surgeries.’

‘That will be fine. I was thinking Hap I could get some more clothes for him too and just leave them here, so when he comes back in a few weeks he won’t need to pack as much.’

‘That’s fine Lucy, hey Alex I was thinking that we could decorate that room however you want it when you come back.’

‘Sounds good Hap’ was the only reply, Alex didn’t even look up from his plate causing us to laugh.

Gemma left after having another cup of coffee but I insisted she leave the dishes to me as she had cooked. When Alex went to get dressed Happy disappeared down the hall behind him for a few minutes before coming back into the kitchen and putting an envelope next to me where I was doing the dishes. ‘Right, before you even start Luce, there is money in this’ he said gesturing to the envelope. ‘And I want you to use it for anything Alex needs today and maybe you could look for something for his room here too, so I don’t have to go shopping.’

I knew this was not an argument I was going to win so I simply nodded and picked up the envelope without even looking to see how much was in it but I could tell by how thick it was that it was at least a grand in cash and put it in my purse which was behind me on the island.

After the two of them had left I decided to ring Matt and see how everything was going at home so poured myself another cup of coffee, grabbed my smokes and went to sit outside on the back deck with my cell. ‘Hey Matt’ I said when he answered on the third ring.

‘Hey Luce, how’s Mayberry?’ he laughed but it sounded forced.

‘It’s going good but why do you sound weird?’ I asked and I heard him sigh.

‘Me and Michelle broke up last night’ he said.

‘Aww shit Matt what happened’ I asked, knowing that he would be devastated, they had been together nearly a year and although we really didn’t get on very well we tolerated each other for Matt’s sake.

‘I went over to her place last night cause I hadn’t seen her in a few days and when I let myself in she was fucking her ex on the sofa.’

‘What the fuck, that bitch!’ I shouted ‘I am gonna throat punch the gash if I see her again.’

‘And I will probably let you too, the bitch had the nerve to say that I had been distant these last few weeks and she got lonely. It is only cause I couldn’t be at her beck and call every night cause I can’t leave the dogs alone all night and she used it as an excuse.’

‘Shit  Matt, I am sorry if it is my fault, I knew I should have just boarded the dogs.’

‘Naw Lucy, don’t you dare try and blame yourself for this. I always have the dogs when you go away just like you have my two beasts when I do’ he said referring to his two cats who always moved into mine when he went on vacation, them two and all the dogs got along surprisingly well and even played together all the time.

‘So I take it you ain’t taking her back then.’

‘Not a chance in hell, I even cancelled the holiday this morning, no way in hell I am going on a romantic cruise by myself surrounded by loved up couple. I plan to spend the two weeks I have off in a drunken stupor’ he said causing me to laugh cause we both knew that it only ever took about four beers before he started giggling like a school girl. He had always been a light weight where alcohol was concerned.

‘So you’re gonna mope for two weeks then start trawling for your next conquest?’ I asked after I had stopped laughing. He was a serial relationship guy, never one for one night stands and I knew he would rope Hank in from the garage to be his wingman.

‘Pretty much Luce, hey I have to go the guys are back with another tow but I will see you in a few days ok?’

‘Ok Matt, but you know to ring me if you need me right?’ I said knowing that he was gutted about what the bitch had done no matter how he tried to mask it. He really loved that girl and had said just a few weeks ago that he could see himself asking her to marry him, much to my horror but I just nodded at him and kept my mouth shut about it.

‘I know Luce, I know. Love ya’ he said.

‘Love ya too Matt.’ I said before I hung up.

Just after eleven, I had just closed my laptop after booking our flights home, as well as the ones to bring Alex back in a few weeks when I heard a car horn beep from outside so I grabbed my purse and made my way outside to see Gemma parked at the curb in her SUV. We talked on the way to Lodi and she told me that she needed to get more things for Abel as well as some new boots for Clay, but I knew as well as she did that she never needed any excuse to shop, she had always been like that especially when her and Luann got together. They had used me as an excuse for years since I was the only girl around and would go as often as Clay, Otto and Tig could be persuaded to hand over cash. I eventually told them when I was about twelve that I hated shopping much to their horror but they would simply go without me knowing that I was never a girly girl and knew what I liked to wear.

We decided to hit the shoe store first as I needed new sneakers for Alex as well as some boots for when he was on the Bike with Hap. I had told Donna a few days ago that I would give her Alex’s old ones for Kenny as he was a few years younger and plus Alex had massive feet for his age. She had happily accepted knowing just how expensive kids shoes were and the fact that they were hardly worn before I had to buy Alex new ones.

Whilst Gemma went to pick out boots for Clay, I walked over to the sneakers and picked two pairs up for Alex and after getting the right size in both made my way over to where Gemma was to get boots too. I saw a pair that were nearly identical to the ones Happy wore and knew that Alex would like them so picked them as well. By the time I had paid Gemma came up behind me pushing Abel’s stroller and  when I turned around with my bags I laughed as she had a sales assistant beside her carrying at least eight boxes and knew she had only bought one pair for Clay. ‘What they were all on sale’ she said as I continued to laugh.

We decided to get food before we went to anymore stores as Abel would be due a feed soon anyway.

‘So how much did Happy give you to come shopping?’ she asked with a smirk as our salads where delivered.

‘No idea, he handed me an envelope and I didn’t see the point in arguing with him so I simply put it in my purse not even bothering to count it. We already talked about him sending money every month for Alex and even though it isn’t necessary I know he is going to do it regardless so I’m gonna open another account for him and he can use it as he like when he turns eighteen.’

‘Best way baby, you may have been gone a few years but I bet you can remember just how much pride these men have and Happy has never been one to shun his responsibilities, no matter what they are.’

‘Yeah I remember that all to well Gem, you should have seen the reaction I got the first day we got here and I offered him money for all the food he had bought.’

‘Oh I can just imagine sweetheart’ she laughed and we ate the rest of our food and after Abel had been fed we decided to hit the rest of the stores, even though she only bought one bag of stuff for Abel by the time we got back to the car she had at least another dozen. When we were on our way back home we decided to go straight to her house so she could put them away before Clay got home.

Before I knew it Friday was here and we were going home tomorrow. Gemma had planned a family party at TM for later this afternoon and after Happy had left with Alex for the garage I set about cleaning Hap’s house so it was ready for him tomorrow. After scrubbing everything and then packing for the next few hours I knew all I would have to do in the morning was strip and change the beds. I had left pretty much half of Alex clothes in the closet in his room, as well as the stuff I had bought when I went shopping with Gemma. By three thirty I was pulling into TM and I noticed that the garage had been closed early and that there wasn’t the usual crow eaters floating about like they usually were at this time on a Friday. When I parked and got out I could already smell that the grills had been lit and when I turned towards the club house I saw everyone was sitting around the benches, but couldn’t see Hap or Alex but they came out of the club house when I was walking over and I could see that Alex looked sad and I knew it was cause we were leaving tomorrow.

I walked straight over to Alex and he smiled when he saw me but it wasn’t his proper smile, so I did the only thing I could and pulled him into a hug and when I glanced up still hugging him I saw Happy watching us with a look on his face that matched Alex’s but the only difference was he didn’t try and mask it. He looked devastated and I felt even more guilty about the whole situation, but I put a brave front and was going to try my best to enjoy this for everyone’s sake. Within an hour we were all eating and Alex looked happier as he sat next to Happy talking to everyone but the guilt I was feeling hadn’t gone away as I looked around at my family. I excused myself, walked into the clubhouse, sat on a sofa and pulled out my cell to ring Koz, after it had rang til his voicemail kicked in I hung up and just sat with my head in my hands. I didn’t even hear the door open and someone walk in til I felt the sofa dip as someone sat down next to me and an arm go around my shoulders ‘Hey Baby, you doing ok?’ I heard my dad say as I lifted my head.

‘Not really dad, how am I meant to take him back to Boston tomorrow and pull him away from his father? They adore each other and currently I feel like the world’s shittiest mother’ I said hugging myself closer to my dad.

‘Listen here Lucy cause I am only gonna say this once, you are an amazing mom to that boy. You have raised him single handed for the last decade and he turned into a caring, sarcastic and loving young guy and that is all down to you. Yeah you have to go back tomorrow but he knows that we are all just a phone call away if he needs any of us. Do you know that over the last three weeks he has managed to get everyone of our numbers? Christ the kid texts me every night just to say goodnight even when we have all been together during the day. Yeah he is gonna miss Happy but he also knows that you have people depending on you back in Boston and I heard him and Hap talking before you got here about that very thing so stop beating ya self up over something that can’t be changed over night.’

‘Thanks dad and I know your right it’s just I didn’t think it would be this hard for either of us. I never thought that spending three weeks back here would make it feel like home again, I always thought Boston would be where I always lived.’

‘I get that but sometimes life has a way of saying ha-ha fuck you for getting too comfortable’ he said causing us both to laugh.

We sat in silence for a few more minutes before we both grabbed a beer and made our way outside to join the others and we spent the next few hours shooting the shit and enjoying being all together before I decided it was time for us to go as we had an twelve o’clock flight to catch so would have to leave about ten in the morning. It was decided that we would all say goodbye now instead of in the morning for Alex’s sake. Happy and Tig were the only ones coming to the airport this time too. I wasn’t surprised when Happy stood up to leave with us and I knew he was likely to crash on the sofa again like he had the last few nights to spend more time with his son. 

A few hours later saw Happy carrying Alex yet again to bed as he was out for the count, when he came back out I decided to try and get some sleep but I knew it was unlikely but thought I may as well try. By two am I had yet to close my eyes, so decided to go smoke on the porch so I quietly made my way through the dark quiet house hoping I didn’t wake Happy up but wasn’t surprised too see him sitting out there already when I opened the door.

‘You couldn’t sleep either then’ I said as I lit my smoke.

‘Nope’ was all he said not even looking at me.

‘Please don’t go back to the way we used to be Hap.’

‘I ain’t Lucy I just don’t know what to process everything I am feeling right now.’

‘Yeah I get that, I tried to ring Koz earlier but got no answer and surprisingly Tig helped me with everything’. I snorted.

‘Despite whatever everyone thinks he is good at getting to the heart of things. He just lets people think he is a dick to fuck with them half the time.’

‘Yeah just like how you let people think you’re an uncaring monster and don’t care about anything and don’t try and deny it Hap, but no one can deny that you adore your son and are gutted that this time tomorrow he will be on the other side of the country’ I said.

‘Yeah I can’t Luce but I also know that you feel guilty for it but this ain’t on you Lucy. You were forced all those years ago to make a new life for yourself and that is exactly what you have done. I know you have loads of guys working for you and that your turn over is a lot higher than TM even so I get why you have to get back but it doesn’t mean I like it or that I am not going to miss you both when you do’ he said shocking the shit outta me once again when he said he was going to miss me not just Alex.

‘Surprisingly I am gonna miss you too Hap, as much as it pains me to admit it your a good guy when we ain’t both being assholes to each other’ I said as he snorted out a laugh at what I had just said.

We both sat they for hours smoking and not really talking and I can admit that he was a good person to just sit with, neither of us feeling like we had to make idle conversation and before we knew it the sun had started to rise so I got up to put coffee on and decided to go shower and get ready then I could at least remake that bed before Alex even got up.

As I walked through the kitchen with my arms full off the bedding Happy was sitting at the table but glared at me. ‘What the hell Luce, you didn’t need to do that?’ he said.

‘Tough it’s done now so shut it’ I simply said not stopping just walked into the garage where his washer and dryer were, thinking he was gonna shit when he saw what I had done later in the day. I had arranged for Gemma and the prospect to go shopping for food to fill this fridge when he came to the airport with us later and had already filled his freezer with enough meals to last him at least a month but since I would be in the air when he discovered it I wasn’t overly concerned about his reaction, which caused me to smirk too myself as I started the machine after putting in the detergent.

By eight saw Tig here and Alex awake and I cooked us a breakfast but none of us had much to say as we ate and at nine thirty we were ready to go with Happy and Alex going in the truck and me riding with Tig to give them a few more hours just the two of them.

When we got to the airport we parked and all four of us walked in with me and Tig going over to check in our bags whilst Happy and Alex went and sat down and when I looked over Alex had his arms around Happy’s neck and looked like he was squeezing the life out of him, but Happy didn’t looked at all fazed and simply hugged  him back. When our flight was called I hugged my dad and told him I would text him when we got home and even hugged Happy but only briefly as Alex hugged him again before we made our way through to the gate.

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