Chapter 10 Somebody I Used To Know

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Chapter 10

Somebody I Used To Know

Zack's POV

I sat in my room deep in thought. I think I know who my guy is. I just seriously hope I'm wrong. Because if I'm right, he's going to die, and I don't want to kill him.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

"Zack!" Alexia yelled and I realized she was pounding on my door. I got up without a word and unlocked it. "Azazel wants to see you." She said and I walked past her towards Azazel's room. "Zack, please talk to me. I haven't herd you wonderful voice in weeks." She added.

It was true, I had locked myself in my room for weeks without seeing anyone. Truthfully, I was and am still in a darker mindset. Right now, I'm the most dangerous I've ever been. So I didn't want to scare Alexia, even if that meant pushing her away. And I'll tell you right now, pushing her away is the hardest thing I've ever done. But, maybe it's time I let her back in.

"I'm sorry. I just haven't been myself lately." I reply after a long science.

"No shit. Look, I'm not going to ask what's been going through your mind. Because it's not my business. But please, don't shut me out." She said. After ushered those words, deep deep deep down in my black heart I felt bad. But it was buried to deep to show.

"Your right it's not your business. Because you aren't my sister." I said without making turning my head to look at her.

"Damn, your observation skill are off the chart." Abaddon says shifting back to her regular self with a added smirk.

"When did you figure it out?" She asked.

"The second you shouted my name as you hammered my door." I reply.

"why did you agree to walk with me?" Abaddon asked.

"I thought I would play along with your little charade." I said in a dead voice.

"Interesting." Abaddon said, sounding deeply intrigued. "You might just be even more dangerous than your father." Abaddon added and I was silent.

"Power are a destructive force to those who don't know how to wield it. But is a tool of wisdom to those who can wield it properly." I reply and Abaddon nodded.

"Your as smart as you are deadly." She observed.

"So is there a point to this walk?" I asked.

"Nah. I just wanted to get to know my long lost son. Oh, I almost forgot. Some demons reported a unknown stranger in New York going around killing demons. Might be your guy." Abaddon replied and I nodded. "You going after him?" She questioned and I didn't respond, but she got her answer. "You do know if you kill him, you could single handily start another war?" She asked.

"I don't care as long as he's dead. I will take on the world if need be, just to kill him myself." I reply in a dead voice.

"Your definitely a demon lord now." Abaddon said and I didn't bother with a reply.

my dark orange eyes narrowed as she said demon lord. I hated the sound of that title, even it is true.

I turned around and started walking back to my room. "Where you going?" Abaddon questioned.

"Sleep." I reply and I herd Abaddon sigh.

"Fine." She said in a annoyed tone but let me be.

Tomorrow I'm going after the mysterious demon slayer before. But right now I require sleep.

I went back to my room and locked at as I striped. My dark grey skin exposed with tons of fighting scars carved into it.

I got into my silk bed and sighed as I drifted into the world of nightmares.


I woke up and quickly threw on a red and black hooded trench coat with no under clothing. I also Left all the buttons undone exposing my 8 pack and pecs. I strapped my sword on the outside of my trench coat and hid my pistols underneath. I grabbed some plain black combat pants and boots and put those on as well.

This is it, the day I finally get my revenge.

I pulled up the hood then burst into golden flames and teleported to New York. A demon lord can sense angels or their offspring, and vice versa. I walked through the streets, and the humans starred at me but kept there distance.

The overwhelming sensation of goodness was growing stronger till eventually i released a small portion of my darkness and it obliterated the good.

Finally I found.......her. The info about it being a guy was wrong. Because this is obviously a female. She was wearing a white robe with a big hood pulled up, so I can't see her face. She was sitting on a park bench and I felt her smile when she looked at me. She gestured for me to sit down next to her.

I drew my sword and all the humans ran, as my sword became engulfed in golden flames. The girl sighed, and I sensed she was a older teenager or very young adult.

"You really going to kill me? Huh? Zackey poo?" The girl said with a smirk and I froze.

There is only girl in existence that called me that. And she has been dead a long time now.

Chapter question-

Any guesses is to who it might be?

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