Chapter 10

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Author's Note: here's chapter 10!

Enjoy :)


Tuesday 12th of October

Santana awoke to her phone ringing. She had only been asleep for about an hour and a half and it was still dark out so she shouldn't be waking up yet.

Her eyes were still closed and she groaned. She tapped randomly on her phone until she answered it and brought her phone to her ear.

"Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Sanny
Happy birthday to you" she heard through the phone. Her favourite blonde was whisper-singing to her. This brought a smile to Santana's face.

"Thank you Britt Britt" she said, her eyes still closed.

"You're welcome. Now go back to sleep" Brittany said.

It was exactly midnight. Brittany had woken up so she could wish her girlfriend a happy birthday right at the start of her day.

"Okay. Goodnight. Love you" Santana said in a whisper.

"Goodnight. Love you too" Brittany replied.

Since the girls had first said those three important words, they said them at every opportunity they had.

Santana liked her birthday but never liked birthday parties. She hated having to host and be nice to people she didn't really like. Then she'd have to clean up after them. She much preferred to spend her birthdays with family and close friends.

Santana hung up, rolled over and went back to sleep.


Santana awoke for the second time that night but this time was much more pleasant. She was well rested and it was actually morning now. She felt soft kisses being placed to her cheeks, forehead and nose. She took a deep breath and smelt lavender which meant her suspicions were correct - Brittany was in her bed.

"Wakey Wakey" Brittany whispered into her ear and Santana smiled as she opened her eyes. Santana rolled over and cuddled into her girlfriend. She buried her face into Brittany's chest.

Brittany brought her arms around the birthday girl and squeezed her tight. She placed another kiss to the top of her head. "Hello birthday girl" she said.

Santana just hummed. Brittany was a morning person, she was not. Santana could barely even speak before her coffee.

Brittany removed one of her arms and reached over to the night stand to pick up the cup of coffee she brought Santana. She waved it in front of the Latina's nose and she instantly opened her eyes.

Santana sat up and rested against the headboard. She grabbed the coffee from Brittany and sipped it. She smiled. "You brought me coffee! I love you"

Brittany smiled in amusement. "Well I hope you don't love me just because I brought you coffee" she admitted.

"No. I don't. I also love you because you phoned me in the middle of the night just to sing me happy birthday" Santana said with look of adoration.

"Yeah well you deserve it" Brittany said. "Wait here" she said as she gave Santana a quick kiss and ran out of her room.

Brittany returned a few minutes later with chocolate chip pancakes and a knife and fork. She placed them on Santana's lap and said "Breakfast is served"

Santana laughed and began eating her pancakes. They really were Brittany's speciality. No one made better pancakes.

Once she was finished, Santana got ready for school. She made her way downstairs to find Brittany and her Ma talking in the kitchen.

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