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It was the third day that Lily had been trapped in the small room. She was sure that she would have not been able to survive if it was not for Blaze, who had not left her for even a second. She was glad. 

Blaze was not sure how his father will make the plan and how they will get lily out. On top of that, they had to ensure that the children were saved from the trafficking. With so much pressure and stress, Blaze was not the happiest guy to be around. However, when he was Lily, he was all smiles and happiness. He had to leave Lily in the prison, not happily, but out of obligation. He had to contact his partners and figure out a plan. Along with that, he also needed to fulfill the duties that Maria had given him.  Thankfully, Lily had fallen asleep. Leaving an awake and pouting Lily would have been very difficult, both for him and Lily. Smiling at the thought of her, he quickly called his father, waiting for updates on the plan. 

"Dad" He greeted. 

"Son" His father responded in his brooding voice. "We have come up with a plan. I will send you the details via mail. Make sure you complete everything at your end."

Blaze hung up without a word, quickly opening his phone and going through his mailbox. Finding his father's mail on top. he viewed the plan details along with the placement chart. A week from now, Lily would be saved and the trafficking date would have to be shifted back, giving The Skulls more time to save the children. 

Lily's Pov

Yawning, I stretched my hands above my head

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Yawning, I stretched my hands above my head. I have probably slept more in three days here than I ever have at my home. It felt good and now I even had a friend! Yes! My friend Blaze! Smiling I looked around, looking at the other end of the small bed, hoping to see Blaze. A pout automatically formed on my face when I noticed that he was not there. Sighing, I looked around wondering what I should do. Walking towards the small bathroom that was attached to the room, I quickly brushed my teeth with the toothbrush that Blaze had got me. He had also told me not to take a shower when I was alone. I did not understand why he had demanded this, but since he was my friend, I am pretty sure it had a valid reason. 

As I exited the bathroom, I noticed that the bedroom door was ajar. Not sure if I was allowed out, I tentatively opened the door and peeked out a little. The corridor was clear and there was no one here. Maybe, if I go out, I can find Blaze. He would not leave me alone here, so he must be around here somewhere. With that thought, I quickly but noiselessly made my way out of the small room.

Walking right, I saw stairs at the end of the hallway. Walking slowly and ensuring no one was around at the same time was not easy. This is the first time I am breaking a rule! a little scared but mostly adamant on finding Blaze, I made my way down the long stretch of stairs, hoping no one sees me. I arrived at a living room kind of place. There were couches and a television and thankfully, the place was empty. Sighing thankfully, I quietly started moving forward. 

" Well Well Well, who do we have here?" Fear took over me as I hear the one voice I dread. Maria. 

Whimpering quietly, I turned around. There she was looking as evil as ever. She glared down at me and I quickly averted my eyes to the ground, too afraid to break another rule. I knew I should not have stepped out of the room! I knew I was shaking and the fear coursing through me almost had me fall down. "s-so-sorry ma-" Before I could complete the sentence, she had grabbed my hair in a vice grip. It hurt soo much! Whimpering the whole way she dragged me to my room, tears streamed down my face. Why was this evil girl doing this! I knew though, that this is my fault. I shouldn't have broken the rules! 

"Shut it girl" Maria's strict voice met my ears as she threw me on the small mattress in the prison I called my room.  I quickly quieted down, too scared to make any noise that she did not want me to make. Looking down fearfully, I kept quiet, hoping Blaze would come soon.

Blazes POV(third person)

Finishing his duties, Blaze hurried back to Lily's room. He expected her to be sleeping or awake, sitting on the bed. What he did not expect was Lilly's battered form lying on the floor. Her clothes were torn off her and bruises marked her once clear skin. Quickly rushing over to her side, Blaze, for the first time in his life, felt fear like no other. Fear of losing this precious girl. 

Softly, as if handling delicate china, Blaze turned Lily's body around to face him. What he saw had him see red. rage like never before came crashing down on his body and if Maria was in front of him, she would not have been alive for long. 

Lily's clothes were torn and falling off of her. her front and back were littered with bruises and long cuts caused by the belt. Her face was another story altogether. It looked like she had been punched and slapped repeatedly. Her forehead had a cut and her right eye was swollen shut. Her cheeks were bruised and her lips and chin had various cuts. She looked dead. 

Scared, Blaze softly held Lily's wrist, looking for a pulse and almost sighed in relief when he felt it. Lily was unconscious and not dead. The relief of her being alive almost had Blaze sink to the ground. He quickly got to work though, cleaning up his girl and giving the best first aid he could. Once Lily seemed a little better, he held her hand and sat beside her. Tears slowly gathered in his eyes as he kept looking at the girl who had managed to make a space in his heart and he vowed he would get her out of here before something like this happened again. But before that, he was going to destroy Maria and have her begging for death.

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