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Breathing raggedly, Jisoo threw the bottle of Gout de Diamants on the wall. It was the 6th bottle she wasted, without drinking any of its content. Jisoo continued to loom over them furiously, permitted herself to feel no other sign of emotion. Mistress. Cheating. Pregnant. Into that last word she flicked her anger upon, breaking, yet another bottle.

But beyond that little fire of rage was a broken woman.

Jisoo has never felt so betrayed, so alone in her entire life. Her heart is shattered, crushed into as many pieces as the bottles she threw. She hated her husband, hated her, how they could destroy the loyalty and commitment she and Junmyeon had promised in front of the altar. Her tortured cries and shouts echoed throughout the wine cellar. She suffered a moment of madness, or was it insanity?

As she was about to throw the 8th one, she heard a noise by the door.

"Mrs. Kim." It was Grace, their one and only housekeeper. Grace was almost 60, but had the physique of a woman younger by 20 years. She had been Jisoo's housekeeper since she was a child, and not once did she see the gorgeous girl this... uncontrolled, and wild. Jisoo raised the bottle above her head, aiming it towards... somewhere, anywhere. The familiar scorch of tears just behind her eyes, slightly blurring her vision. "That is enough, Jisoo."

Her defensive wall was crumbling into nothingness. She sank down on the floor, succumbing into her inner world of turmoil and despair. Grace found herself by Jisoo's side, engulfing her to into an embrace. A woman without a home, without a purpose, without anyone to care if she lived or died. The instinct of survival the only thing keeper her alive on this earth.

"Why, Grace? Why did they do this tome?" Jisoo looked at her pleadingly, waiting for an answer. Grace surveyedher through weary eyelids, Jisoo's eyes were marked with horror, and if she wasnot mistaken--- yearning despite what happened. Jisoo and Junmyeon have been togethersince high school, and being replaced, cheated upon with a woman would be too much of a venom for her own good. What more when her husband travelled from east to west coast just to meet with her?

Grace swallowed and said again, "That is enough, Jisoo. He is not worth your tears. None of them are." As if something snapped within Jisoo, she stopped crying almost immediately. She tore herself away from Grace and immaculately brought herself on her own two feet.

"When does she arrive, Grace?" Jisoo's tone indicated something else. Grace shivered.

"In about a week or so."

Jisoo would make her life a living hell once she arrived in New York.


For the whole week, Jisoo had been keeping a vigil on the stranger. Jennie Kim. Never had she predicted a name could sound so ugly to a human person. She couldn't even say it out loud without an itch to her tongue. So she decided to call her something else, something that would properly showcase her...doing. Chippie, a perfect name for the perfect slut. 

(Note: Chippie means whore, slut or prostitute)

She sent Grace to the airport to fetch Jennie, for she was from Los Angeles. Though she wanted Jennie to arrive here on her own, Grace insisted to go to her, in case she gets lost. Something Jisoo would be happy to hear about.

Her own mansion...with a dirty whore. She had not wanted this. The idea was abhorrent in a way that she would be reminded for the next nine months that this was the woman her husband fucked.

Jisoo sat on the chair near the fireplace inside the living room, waiting. She set her teeth, and endured, as she endured the past days knowing she had been cheated upon, and the other woman is pregnant. Isn't life just lovely?

The hour wore on, and they still haven't arrived.

"Where in fuck's world are they now." Jisoo took a deep breath, as if to stall the other curses to tumble across her lips. As she was about to call her butler, she had been hindered by the gentle noises outside the door, sounds of footsteps floated towards her from a distance. The sounds increased in volume, and she became aware of the pounding in her head, coursing throughout her body. The door opened, and her whole body went stiff. Grace appeared before her, and behind her, a woman.

She was a couple of inches shorter than Jisoo, with white skin, and a scared expression on her face. Soft, cat-like brown eyes grabbed Jisoo's attention. She couldn't blink as Jennie came into view. Her dark brown hair was carefully gathered on one side of her neck, and she wore a white dress, with a cardigan over her upper torso.

"Jisoo, this is Ms. Jennie Kim." Grace leads Jennie to sit in front of her. Jennie couldn't hold eye contact with the wife of the man she had an affair for the past months.

"Oh, so you're Jennie." The words jerked out of Jisoo like poison as Grace left them alone. "Oh, Jennie, what a joke— what a mess you have brought upon us both." 

Jennie would not look at her. 

"Why can't you look at me, Jen-nie-Kim? It's an act of courtesy to look at the woman who would provide you a house to stay in for the whole remainder of your pregnancy. Don't be ashamed, I know you had sex with him. Was it good? Did he give you mind-blowing orgasms?"

Jennie had her cheeks a flaming red scarlet. She was pensive hearing such words from the wife herself. She couldn't blame Jisoo, she had the blame all to herself.

"How many months are you in?" Jisoo asked, propping her elbows on her knees, leaning her chin on her hands.

"Huh?" It was the first word she ever said, and Jisoo had to laugh at how dumb she sounded.

"Are you deaf? How. Many. Months. Are. You. In." Jisoo said the words through gritted teeth.

"A couple of weeks." Jennie had her arms wrapped protectively around her belly, appearing very disoriented. Jennie looked up, and all she saw was hatred and despise. Her uneasiness was plain to see, she could not hide it from Jisoo.

"Don't worry, I won't bite. Come, I'll show you your room." Jisoo stood up and walked, motioning Jennie to follow her. As they walked around the mansion, Jennie took in the simplicity yet extravagance of it. Well, one would expect it from a billionaire couple. They climbed a set of stairs, reaching the second floor. When Jennie thought her room would be there, they went up another set by the far end corner of the hallway. Just in front of the top of the stairs was a door.

The attic.

The space was tight it could only fit a mattress. There was no cabinet, no bathroom, just that. The ceiling was quite low that she still had to duck her head a little to walk around. This was far from what Junmyeon had in mind for her, but he was long gone. Jisoo had the cards on her hands now.

"So, this is your room. If you wanna take a shit or do whatever bathing fuckshits you need to do, the bathroom is just by the stairs below. You are not to leave this house unless Grace or Mark, the butler, is with you, understand?" Jisoo said in a commanding tone.

Jennie nodded. They both stood there for a while, letting the silence take over the whole room. Jennie looked intently at Jisoo, feeling sorry for what she has done. She should have just—No. She shook her head. What has happened, happened. No turning back now. "Th-thank you." Saying her thanks was the least she could've done to Jisoo.

Before Jisoo made her way out of the room, she replied over her shoulder. "Go suck dick, Chippie."

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