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Hello friends...

Welcome back to Nation's Pride...

The Sharma Siblings got the same love as of Shergills and am really happy for that.

Recap:- Laksh became a Flight Lieutenant in Indian Air force.

And guyz...the new amazing cover of Nation's Pride is given by our one and only SHIVU di...
Thank you sooooo much.

Moving on!

"Do Fast, we will miss our flight. See I am a girl,and I got ready before you!"
Shouts Pallavi on Laksh.

"Thats just because you woke up early by mistake."
His shouts come from the bathroom.

"But I am a girl...I have many things to do."

Laksh comes out of the bathroom all ready and says:-

"What girl? You dont apply make up! You wear clothes similar to us and your hairs!!!!! They are just an inch longer than other boys!!! So stop using the tag that I am girl...Grow up."

Pallavi was clean bowled. Laksh chuckles seeing her expressionless face. Seeing him chuckling, she gets angry that she throws the suitcase on him. Laksh gets saved by a close distance. He shouts:-

"Are you mad!!!! What the hell you were about to do??"

"I was about to kill you!!!!"

"Whats there to kill me..All I stated was as a matter fact. There is nothing to get angry!!!"

"Phewwww! I wont say you anything today. I am in no mood to argue with you. I want to reach Delhi all fresh and lively. So dont spoil my mood by commenting some shit."

"I will try my best of not speaking the truth...eehheeheheh"

"Whatever. I don't mind."

"You do, you do mind a lot. A llllooottt!"

She ignores him trying her level best not to say anything back but Laksh wasnt less.

"You know Devansh?"

"How can I know your friends?"

"Arey the one I made you acquainted while we were in the group..."


"You know what he said to me about you when he saw you?"


"He said,"Hey Laksh, is the person standing there your brother or sister..." Hahahahaahhaahaha!!!"

"SShhhuuuuuutttt upppppp!"

*Thud* A pillow lands on his face making him shocked. Pallavi laughs now.
Here back to Ragini and Vihaan...

Ragini was learning some complex moves from him and he was trying very hard not to take her on higher level.
She was doing good but was some rough.

"Kick this with full force."

"I am very much tired Bhai."

"This is the last part. C'mon....Take out your full force and then I'll let you sleep for an hour."

And she takes a deep breath. Vihaan stiffens his hand and that thing on which Ragini was supposed to kick.

Ragini lifts her foot to a height while Vihaan was very serious. He was standing their very tight.
But Ragini, she lazily takes off her foot from the height without kicking making Vihaan shocked as he stumbles immediately loosing the tiffness.

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