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victoria, the newly legal high school graduate, has been with her current boyfriend, cyrus since sophomore year.

the young couple had been living together since summer 18' when victoria's parents kicked her out for getting a tattoo, leaving her homeless for a week before she moved in with cyrus.

although he's emancipated, his parents left him a pretty large trust fund to live off of when money gets tight. but since he has a full time job at the moment that leaves him able to afford and provide for the both of them.

with that being said, besides victoria's love for cyrus, her having a roof over her head and food in the refrigerator is the main reason for staying with them through it all.

for the almost 4 years of the high school sweethearts being together, 3 out of the 4 years had been a great time for victoria. the both of them just enjoying each other's company and affection. until, that one night where victoria tried to leave him.

that's where everything took a turn for the worse.


"if you wanna be with them girls so bad then i'll leave !" she yells and starts packing her stuff

"nah, you not going no where !" cyrus yells back while standing in front of the door blocking it

"cyrus i'm not fucking playing with you move !" she pushes him but he didn't move far

"don't touch me !" he stares into her eyes, with his pupils now darker than before

"so move the fuck out of my way nigga" victoria pushes him again and he shifts slightly

"i said don't fucking touch me victoria" he grabs her hands so she can't push him

"nah let go of me !" she knees him in his balls and he groans in pain, kneeling down, holding his area

although vicki had a clear way to run out she stood behind to make sure he knew how she felt.

"you know what cyrus, i don't even know what i saw your punk ass anyways, should've listened to my friends when they told me not to move in with you, i should've listened when your bestfriend told me you was-" she rant before he looks up at her, winds up his fist, and upper cuts victoria right in her jaw

she holds her face in shock before tumbling over, falling flat out in the floor while her surrounds slowly became a blur.


with vicki's head pounding she opens her eyes to see cyrus standing over her with a ice pack on her face.

"vic baby, you up ? your the love of my life, and im sorry i put my hands on you, but let this be a lesson learned, what i say, goes"


now, it's july summer 19' and not a thing has changed. the domestic abuse becoming more frequent, and his constant need of superiority becoming stronger through each argument. even though she tries to keep them a minimum since she now know how he gets, but there's just certain things she can't hold back.

for her two closest friends, dejá and aaliyah, neither of them know about what cyrus has been putting her through or they would've each went crazy and stupid on him. but this wasn't going to be for long.

because somehow, someday, someway, she was going to get away from this nightmare.

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