Thirty - I'm finally home

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Today was the day of the coronation

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Today was the day of the coronation. The championship ended yesterday with not much to everyone surprise, Zolten won. To say, Scarlett was proud would be an understatement. Today, her whole pack was present at the throne hall thanks to them being victorious. The rest of the packs alpha's and high ranks were also present to watch the coronation of their new king. 

This was the first time they ever entered the throne room. A silver rug ran from the throne down through the centre and split into two paths leading out. A regal throne of gold sat atop a tall elevated platform and was adjoined by three rather plain-looking seats for the royal highness' family members. The throne was covered in tangled emblems and fixed on each of the ornate legs was a gemmed wolf. The bulky pillows of light silver and these too had been adorned with embellished corners.

There was a huge portrait behind the throne but was covered with a white cloth. From what Scarlett had heard, it was the portrait of the royal family and has been covered ever since the death of the queen. It was also said that the cloth was going to be removed today as the portrait was to replace with the picture of the new king and queen. 

For the first time in ages, Scarlett was wearing a gown. It was in a deep shade of red similar to blood and wrapped around her body like a glove showing all of her curves much to Fryer's dismay who had his hand wrapped around her waist and was glaring at every second man who dared to look at her. 

Unlike everyone else, Xavier rather looked anxious. Scarlet noticed his behaviour and mind linked him asking him what was wrong which he just waved away telling her it was nothing to worry about. 

When the king and the prince finally made a grand appearance, every person got on their knees paying their respect. The king went to the podium with the prince following behind him looking as lavish as he could in the blue tailored suit. There was a huge white The council stood at the balcony, watching everyone from above.

The king raised his hand, demanding everyone's attention. He ran his eyes across the room, settling on Scarlett for a little longer before moving them on. He knew who she was but she was unaware of it. The king was satisfied to see her alive and happy so he stayed silent, not telling even Elaric what he had discovered. 

"Remove the cloth!" The kings command echoed through the silent hall. 

Scarlett watched as the cloth slowly fell off the portrait revealing the face she never thought she would ever see again. The time stopped for her as the colour from her face drained. The voices around her faded away and the only thing she could see was the woman smiling at her.

"What is the outside world like?" 

Scarlett took small shaky steps forward. Xavier watched her in concern as he had already seen this moment ages ago.

"It is beautiful, my child. The trees are greener than you could ever imagine, the sky is bluer then what you see here and the moon is brighter than you have ever seen."

Scarlett could hear her voice as clear as the day. The wind inside the hall suddenly started to pick up catching everyone off guard. Fryer immediately looked at Scarlet and took a step towards her when Xavier stopped him. 

"Don't!" He shook his head. Unsure, Fryer stood still and watched her.

"But most of all, home is there."

Tears trickled down her cheek. 

"How will I know I'm at home, mommy?"

A sob escaped through her lips. Scarlett slowly climbed the stairs to the throne. Elaric and the king moved out of her way as she kept walking.

"You will you yourself when you finally get home. So when you know you are there, take a ling breath and say out loud so everyone can hear this..."

"! I'm home!" She finally broke down. Her legs gave up and she fell beside the throne yet her eyes never moved from the portrait of the queen. 

"I'M HOME!" Scarlett yelled out loud, her voice heard loud and clear by each and every person present there. "MOM!"

The wind started to blow harder making things fall from the table. The candles blew out and the people around screamed in fear. But Scarlett couldn't hear them, she was losing control over herself. 

"ELENA STOP!" Fryer yelled and ran to her, "You are hurting others."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her into a tight hug not caring of the gust of power releasing from her that kept hitting him again and again.

"Shh Elena, Calm down."

Elaric watched her in shock and then looked at his father to find he was crying. "She really is my little princess!"

Elaric ran to her begging her stop. "Please Elena, stop! Mom wouldn't want to see you like this!"

This caught her attention. She looked at him wide-eyed, "Mom?"

Elaric noded, "Yes, our mom! She would be hurt to see you like this!" Elaric had heard the stories of her mother—their mother but they were only happy stories. Scarlett always told him the about the memories she cherished the most but never in his life he imagined that those stories were about his own mother. 

"Look! Father is here as well," Elaric pointed at the king causing her to look at him. 

Scarlett pushed away from Fryer and walked to the king. The two stood feet apart. "" She stuttered.

Marlin nodded his head, a sad smile on his face.

"Dad?" Scarlett hesitantly stepped closer to him. 

Marlin opened his arms for her too afraid to say a word. Scarlett wasted no time and ran into his arms burying her face in his chest. "Dad! I'm...I'm home,"

"Yes princess, you are home!" King Merlin nodded his head, hugging her tighter than before as feeling of happiness surrounded him. Elaric went to them and joined them in the hug.

"I'm finally home."

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