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Banging was heard from the corridor, her shouting filling the house.
"Y/N Get your ass over here!!" She screamed. I sighed, not wanting to get up but not wanting to get my ass beat either.
Dragging myself from my bed (which is just cardboard) where I've been staying for days only leaving to go toilet (I cant pee or shit in water bottles man).
My stomach was begging for food as my knees shook once I left my "room".
As soon as I opened the door my sad excuse of a mom was standing in front of me with an ugly angry frown
"I'm right here"
"Dont answer back!" She shouted louder, spitting on my face.
I sigh, wiping off her nasty saliva off my face "what is it you want?" I say scratching the bruises on my arms
"Pack your stuff!" She walks away
"PACK.YOUR.STUFF!!" she repeated louder in my face "You're being adopted!!" She pushes me back in my "room" and slams the door on my face.

I sigh as I helplessly collapse on my bed like a Disney princess to cry.
"Oh father..why did you have to go?" I cry as I pull out a picture of Maaz, my Daadz.

When I was about to start packing my non-existent stuff I notice that I dont even own a bag, so instead I grab a random stick that happened to be in my room and a piece of cloth.
I place some of my clothes that magically fit in there and tie the cloth in a knot on the stick (you I cartoons?)

Just as I finished I heard the front door knock
"Y/N!!!!" the beast calls again
"Coming" I call as I take one last glance at my cage. Before leaving I grab a photograph of my dear faatherz and a mug very special to me, I take a moment to look at it. The mug had a picture of a tired looking boy and a battery sign beside him, I smile to myself
"Sultan" I sigh

"Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She calls again.

When I make my way down the stairs I am greeted with an angry ugly woman ready to push me out and a creeped out guy.
"This is who is going to adopt tou, now OUT!" She screams but I'm too focused on the person before me.
My kokoro beat faster and faster as I could not peel my eyes away from him, in front of me the one and only...


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