An unwelcome visitor

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If Fanelia was a new city built with a well thought way, it has, like any metropolis, its dodgy area.
Located south of the city, in an area that almost never sees the sun because of the cliffs, it was a dark place, with establishments where the visitor could hear the cries of drunkards or whores laughter's.

Hylden and Yiris progressed with a firm and pressed step, in plain clothes, a simple beige trousers and a white shirt with brown jacket, sword by side for him, and her usual black pants and top with colored belt maintaining her stick on the back for her.
In those places, they were quite known, also to avoid any trouble, passersbys looked away.

They came to a small staircase of three massive steps dominated by a heavy wooden door. The woman knocked several firm shots.

"It's Yiris, I'm with Hyden!"

The door opened and a girl who only wearing a transparent dress, blond hair in shambles, appeared, completely panicked.

"Oh, chief, I'm so happy to see you! Mila asked me to keep the entry. She tries to calm your brother, but I swear, he's totally crazy. He holds a knife on the throat of Anna and he said he will bleed her like a pig if you didn't come. I beg you, stop him ..."
"Calm down, Sasha!" Yiris told. "Just say where is him."
"In the reception room before the garden."

Hastily, the young woman crossed the corridors which the rooms were limited by glowing red curtains of tulle. Hylden followed her.

A few meters further, they found a group of young women who were pressed against each other, trembling with fear.

Facing them, wallowing in cushions, barechested, lying, holding on him a terrorized redhead girl that he maintained with a knife, Constantin was enjoying his effect.

The Madam, a tall brown haired woman aged about fifty, with rounded shapes highlighted with a red dress and fitted bodice, was talking to him, trying in vain to calm him.
She kept some confidence despite the ambient pressure. It was necessary to say she was the sister of Haymlar. They resembled physically and in behavior.

Disgusted by this pathetic spectacle, Yiris departed the crowd to force a path to her brother.

"Constantin, you'll tell me what is wrong with you?"
"Oh, but would not my favorite sister?" The young man joked, inebriated. "And besides, she came with her lover."

Hylden, stayed behind, made an effort to not go put his fist in the face of the arrogant, who laughing to see that his remark had reached its target.

"Seriously, I was almost to wait!"
"Wait for what? " Yiris asked, furious.
"Well, you forsake me my dear sister, and your little employees, too cute and imaginative in bed they are, don't replace your presence ..."
"What do you want?"
"Allow you to enjoy a little moment of relaxation. Look, you are free from your work, you should drink a glass with me, and why not, choose a more relaxed dress like these girls. However, the doc," he said, addressing to Hylden, "he goes out! Incest is already nasty, with a threesome as a bonus, it would be really inconvenient."
"You're worse than drunken!" Yiris said afflicted. "What you have taken anything to talk about such a delirium?"
"Loneliness drives you crazy, what do you want ..." Constantin replied by dancing his knife on the neck of his hostage.

Feeling more than delicate the situation, Yiris understood that strong measures would not work and she would have to get into the psychopathic game of her brother.
She nodded telling to Hylden to leave the room with the girls.
He obeyed, and only the manageress stood behind the curtain to see what was happening.

"I fear for the little young ..." She said, trembling, to Hylden.
"Mila, trust in Yiris, she will calm him down."
"You believe what you say or is it just words supposed to reassure me?"

A sigh was the answer.

Now alone with her brother, Yiris starts releasing her hair, leaving them intentionally fall along her face.
With a slow and delicate gesture, she gives off her stick from her belt before putting it on the ground. Then she began to advance on all fours on the cushions to her brother.

"Isn'it you who said that, at the three, it's not correct? Then let the girl go away ..." She whispered in his ear with her strangely warm caressing voice.
"I don't know, my dear sister. I also know that you disapprove incest, So I think you lay a trap for me ..."
"Oh, you will not trust me ..."

The look of Yiris had something sensual, her body language made her attractive.
Hylden watched her. He didn't know if it was disgust or jealousy he felt to see her proceeds in such way with Constantin.

With insurance, the, general kissed his brother in the neck while moving her hand on his chest. Delicious little shivers traveled Constantin who seemed to enjoy the situation.

Suddenly, the look of Yiris crossed that of the hostage, she made a little nod.

Taking advantage of the loosening of his brother's attention, Yiris blocked the hand holding the knife. She raised the arm with a sharp blow, making him drop his weapon, allowing the hostage to break free.

"Bitch, you got me trapped!" Constantin shouted, furious.

A fight began. Yiris and Constantin settle their scores with their fists. The altercation was violent and rapid.
The furniture was all already on the ground, as victuals. In some shots exchanged, the sister had blood on her lips while the brother showed a shiner.

After a brief pause where they look each other, the fight flared up again. Constantin insulted his sister as much as possible, she only responded with blows.

Hylden wanted to stop this, but that doesn't seemed most evident.
The two opponents had a force superior to his own, and they move too quickly to allow him to give a clearly felt sword blow in the leg or arm of Constantin in order to calm him without risking injury Yiris by the way.

Finally, it was Mila who brings him the solution, handing him an improvised weapon.

"In the worst case, if you're wrong, you shouldn't hurt the chief too strong ..." The madam suggested.

Taking advantage of a break in the confrontation, Hylden walked behind Constantin. This one, too focused on his sister, didn't see the coming vase that the general broke his skull.
After all, it was over and the prostitutes sigh of relief.

Wiping the blood from her mouth, Yiris looked with sorrow at her brother miserably spreading on the floor. The Madam approached and took her in her arms.

"You're the best, you know! Thank you!"
"I'm just trying to make up my mistakes ... Yiris said with a weak smile. Mila, I promise you that, this time, you will have no longer to open to him, he crossed the red line."
"You're not responsible for his attitude. Usually, he's just the most salacious and stingy client. This is the first time that I see him so. Most of the time, he collapses drunk and you just get him back in the quiet."

While they were arguing, Hylden attached Constantin's arms with a rope, too wary of this one woke up.

"He will not wake up any time soon!" Mila said. "Come enjoy a refreshing both!"

The two young generals followed the Madam to a small room where the girls had prepared a small buffet to thank their saviors.

After a well deserved rest, Yiris and Hylden picked up Constantin and trailed him in the streets to the palace.

Once the young man in bed, they sat on a bench outside.

"I think we need to talk about it to His Majesty. Your brother becomes uncontrollable ..."
"I know, but ..."
"But what? You have to stop protected him! Who knows, a good time in jail will refresh his ideas!"
"I'm aware, however I cannot do that to him."
"Finally, why?"

Yiris put her elbows on her knees.

"Because if he's here, it's entirely my fault."

Hylden wanted to continue the conversation and try to convince Yiris, but he didn't have the time.

"So you flirt together?" A angry voice declared.

Facing them, appeared a dark haired woman in night blue bathrobe and slippers assorted, some luxurious bracelets on the wrists despite the late hour.

"Kyria, go home, please."
"And if I don't want? And if I made a good scandal in the middle of the night?"
"You don't need to make a scandal! Hylden answered trying to keep calm.
"No, you're right, someone knocks on the door, and hop, my husband disappears. And now, I find him smelling whorehouse with his slut, of course!"

Obviously feeling targeted, Yiris raised her head to face the pretty Lady's look, then stood up.

"Don't worry, I'm leaving!

And she disappeared, leaving Hylden suffered endless reproaches of his wife.

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