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This wasn't a request or anything, just a filler while requests are being done! be patient loves, I'll finish them at some point!

God damn it all, you were in love.

Being part of a gang, a gang that belonged to the mafia no less, and love weren't the best things to mesh. At any given point, you could be executed or erased and no one would ever know. That's how the mafia worked, after all. But who was this enchantress that cast a spell over you?

Trish Una, the prettiest girl in the world, at least to you. Daughter to a mafia boss father and passed on mother. Your heart both yearned and pitied her. She had gone through more than any normal teenage girl should have, and it made your resolve to protect her even stronger. Yeah, so was the rest of the gang protecting her, but you felt way more passionate about her protection. After all, it's normal to be protective for someone you care for, right?

There were a lot of things you liked about Trish; her soft, bright pink hair she sometimes let you braid and play with, the plump lips that practically begged you to kiss them, her soft voice that could be stern when it needed to be, the list could go on forever. Saying them all would go on for hours, and time was precious to you, especially with your job.

However, your most favourite thing was her eyes. Those brilliant blue-green eyes that shined with determination and strength. They entranced you, like a snake charmer to the unsuspecting cobra. If you could look at only one colour for the rest of your life, it would be that sea green that residents in Trish's eyes.

You absolutely adored Trish, and it seemed everyone but Trish knew. When you went out on secret shopping trips with her, Bucciarati would only give you a small lecture when he should've been yelling. Bruno knew when young love was blooming, and it was painfully obvious that the flower of love was growing from your heart. Narancia and Mista would tease you about running away and marrying Trish, to which you'd always blush profusely and yell at them to shut their traps. Even Giorno would slip sly comments every now and then, knowing how unexpected it was, especially from him. Damn you, GioGio!

Sometimes the teasing was cruel, but thankfully Trish never really took notice. The most that would happen was that her cheeks would flush a bright pink that nearly matched her hair, but she would say nothing. Trish was a girl of fewer words and more actions, so if she was bothered, she would do something. It was odd though, most people would say something if their friends were teasing about them and a different friend getting together. It confused you, but she probably had her reasons. Maybe she enjoyed it? That thought sent your heart racing like mad.

Today, you were assigned to stay with Trish in Coco Jumbo while the others went out to track down an enemy stand user. They trusted you and your Stand ability to protect Trish, it was both defensive and offensive, a perfect ratio of power for protecting things. You also had a sneaking suspicion that this was one of the member's idea to leave you alone with Trish. Whoever they were, you were going to soundly kick their ass when you found out.

Nothing much happened while you two stayed in the turtle, your Stand out and on high alert for any suspicious activity. Trish was reading a magazine quietly, a leg crossed over the other. You were sitting on the loveseat on the other side of the coffee table and were doodling little love hearts around your initials and Trish's when you felt off. Your Stand, 「 CANNIBAL QUEEN 」 , was acting haywire, sensing the presence of an enemy.

Standing up immediately, you used one of 「 CANNIBAL QUEEN 」's abilities to sense living organs to detect where the user was. It seemed they were outside Coco Jumbo, but you couldn't see anyone. Then, you realized that they were probably waiting for you or your Stand to come out to surprise attack. You grimaced; it was going to be hard to shut down their organs for an easy takedown if you couldn't touch them. Even if your Stand cloned itself, the clones wouldn't be able to do the fatal work, they could only bring the user to where you were, and you weren't risking Trish's safety.

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