Born Immortal Chapter 11

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Astyr woke early the next morning and went for her now usual weekend jog. She got plenty of exercise during the week at both P.E. and cheerleading practice so the only time she got a chance to run was on her days off. She headed out into the chilly autumn morning, and after stretching her muscles, started jogging down the driveway. She had her mind on blood and wasn't really paying attention to her surroundings when she almost ran right into Randy as she reached the road.

"Hi, there," He said, helping her to keep her balance, "Got your mind somewhere else?"

She absolutely didn't want to tell him what she was really thinking so she came up with the first plausible answer that popped into her mind.

"Yeah," she said, "I just found out my best friend won't be at school for the next couple of weeks and I'm just kinda sad that he won't be there for Homecoming."

"Your best friend is a guy?" He asked, picking up on the important parts of her statement first.

Astyr rolled her eyes and gave him an answer. "Yes, my best friend is a guy. I only just moved here, remember? I haven't had a chance to meet a lot of people and he was the first person who talked to me and helped me out when I started school."

"Were you planning on going to Homecoming with him?" Randy asked.

"I hadn't actually thought about it at all." She replied. "I guess I just assumed that we would go together because we're always together at school. I've never really been to a dance before so I'm a little sad that I'll have to go by myself."

"You don't have to." He said. "You could go with me."

Astyr looked over at him and had to admit to herself that he definitely fit the bill if one were looking for a gorgeous companion. He was wearing his usual basketball shorts and his legs under them were toned and tanned. Today his chest was covered with a long-sleeved cotton tee shirt with a Harley-Davidson logo on the back, so she wasn't able to inspect his perfect 8-pack. She could definitely see herself with his arms wrapped around her and she had to really think hard to try and find a reason why going to the dance with him would be a bad idea.

"Wouldn't you be bored going to a high school dance?" She asked him.

He laughed at that and answered, "I only just graduated a few months ago. I'm not that much older than the rest of the kids at your school, you know. Probably a couple of the senior girls will be bringing boyfriends that go to college."

That was true, Astyr knew of two girls who were still dating the boyfriends they had had for years even though they were going to the university that was an hour and half drive from here. Randy wouldn't have any problem fitting in; in fact, his biggest problem might be that his good looks were too noticeable. There was something in that, though; if she were to show up to the dance with Randy, maybe Gwen would realize that Astyr wasn't trying to take Hakon's attention. Of course, Astyr knew that Gwen didn't really stand a chance with Hakon anyway but at least Gwen would have no reason to think Astyr was deliberately keeping him away from her.

"Well, I guess it's a date, then." She said. Then she blushed a little realizing that she had just been asked out on her very first date.

"I guess it is." Randy said with a smile. "What time should I pick you up?"

"Well, I have to cheer at the football game first so I'll already be at school." She told him, "I guess we can meet there."

"Alright," he said, "I'll definitely meet you there."

They spent the rest of the jog talking about Randy's job at the service station in town. When they came back to Grima's driveway, Astyr said bye and he headed off to do his normal second lap.

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