008; real life

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Thea's eating habits have worsened over the last few weeks.  She eats just enough to keep herself going but it still somehow feels like not enough.

She's shaky and tired all the time and puts far too much effort into hiding it all from Elijah and anyone else who visits, which only exhausts her further.  She would rather no one visited but she knows her friends would only worry more if she told them that.

She glances towards the kitchen, her mind going back to the night she and Awsten made pancakes at, like, three in the morning when he came over because neither of them could sleep.  They had been texting and he showed up with pancake mix because she made a comment about how good pancakes sounded at the moment.  She remembers laughing quietly as he tried to make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and the way he looked over his shoulder at her and grinned.  She wishes she could forget him entirely.

She shakes her head, trying to rid herself of the memory, of all the memories if she's lucky.  She frowns, wondering where she would even be right now if she could simply erase him from her mind.  She certainly wouldn't be here feeling miserable.

She forces herself to get up, knowing she needs to eat soon.  She can't decide whether she should see what she has here or just avoid that and order something.  Deciding that she can't avoid it forever, she heads to the kitchen, pausing when she gets unexpectedly dizzy, wavering on her feet.

Little black dots cloud her vision and she sways a bit, trying to stay standing.   She ends up not managing that, blacking out and falling down.


Elijah is heading over to Thea's with food, knowing she hasn't been eating enough.  He's tried giving her space, not going every day because it's clear that she wants some time alone, but he makes sure to go at least a couple times a week to make sure she eats and takes care of herself.  The last three days, he didn't show up but now he's going over again, hoping that Thea is doing better.

He still barely can believe this is even real.  He never thought Awsten would leave Thea like that.  He was hoping for some show of regret when he'd gone over to Awsten's to yell at him but was given nothing but a cold display of indifference and he doesn't understand it one bit.  He doesn't spend too much time worrying about what might have caused it, finding himself just angry about it and confused.  He saves his worry for Thea.

He arrives at her apartment and knocks, receiving no response, which earns a little frown from him.  Usually, she asks who it is and then tells him he can just use his key.

"Thea?" he calls out worriedly, still getting no reply.  "I'm using my key," he announces, getting out his key and letting himself in.  "Thea?  Wh—shit!"

He rushes over to where Thea is passed out, quickly pulling out his phone and calling 911.  An ambulance arrives quickly after Elijah calls and Thea is taken to the hospital, Elijah riding in the back of the ambulance with her because fuck you that's my best friend you're out of your damn mind if you think I'm leaving her side.

Now, at the hospital, he's waiting in the room Thea had been put in.  She's connected to an IV and still unconscious.  Elijah still hasn't been told anything.  He waits only a little while longer before Thea is waking up.

"Elijah?" she asks in confusion, glancing towards him before looking around the room.  "What happened?"

"I don't know," he replies with a frown, "I went over to your place and you were passed out on the floor so I called 911.  Still haven't been told what's going on."

"Oh," Thea mumbles, clearly still confused.  "Thanks for staying."

"Of course I stayed," Elijah is caught off guard by the idea that this is something she even feels the need to thank him for.  "You're family."

The doctor is coming in before Thea has time to respond, which she's thankful for.

"One of the nurses noticed you were up," the doctor explains before briefly giving a pointed look towards Elijah, "would you like to speak in private, Miss Larson?"

"No thanks," Thea responds quickly, "I'd tell him whatever it is anyway."

"Okay then," the doctor goes with it, "I'm Dr. Leeds.  I would say nice to meet you but, circumstances considered, this coulda been a little nicer.  Right, uh, anyway, so, were you aware that you're pregnant?"


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