Misunderstanding:Veronica Lodge (Riverdale) x Male Reader

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A/n: This is my first time writing something from an actual show that's not an anime or cartoon. Also one more thing, I recently just finished the first season of the show, so please forgive me if it's not that good or if I make any mistakes, I plan to keep watching the rest of the seasons.

There you were, standing there with a bouquet of roses, looking over to your left as you watched Veronica who people either called 'V' or 'Ronnie',the girl who when you first met, found as another of those snobby little rich princesses but who would later change your perspective of her and eventually grow on you and befriend and lead you to unexpectedly fall for her. There she was, sitting right next to Archie, who you considered your close friend, someone you trusted, there he was sitting right next to her, they were both laughing and seemed like they were having a good time. He knew that you had a thing for V, so did Betty and Jughead. You had told the crew besides Veronica of course that you had feelings for her. This was something you wouldn't admit to at first since from the start, you and Veronica weren't the best of friends, in fact you two would get on each other's nerves and found each other to be non-compatible. Her being the little princess of Hiram Lodge and you? You were simply another of those greaser type of guys from the south side of town, all rough and rugged.

"Shit, you know what? This was a bad idea" you muttered to yourself and quickly left the bouquet of roses on the table with the note you left for Veronica to read and left Pop's. This garnered the attention of Archie and Veronica, Archie saw you leave a bit pissed and sad and mentally slapped himself since he knew that you must have got the wrong idea and was talking to Veronica to pass time since you were running a little late and once you got there, he would sit from afar to make sure things would go smoothly between you two since you weren't really the romantic type.

"Crap, he left!" Archie said as he got up as he went up to where you left the roses.

"What? I thought he would be here any minute. Why would he leave?" At that moment, Veronica saw the bouquet of roses that you had brought her and picked them up carefully and was taken back by how beautiful they we're. A note had fell from the roses and she picked it up to read.

"(Y/n) must have got the wrong idea when he came in, man, I really done it this time and messed it up." Veronica felt a bit bad since you had asked her on a date to pop's and had Archie observe just Incase you needed that extra support since you could become a mess when it came to love. She took the note out of the envelope and began to read it.

Dear V,
I've got you these red roses, since red roses stand for passion, desire and true love. You know I'm not that good at these type of things but I want to say is that I want you, I desire you, I desire your love. It's funny how at the beginning I would have never thought about ever being with you or even catching feelings for you but it happen. So please give me this chance, let me be with you, let me win your heart.
-Sincerely yours truly

"Ohh (Y/n)-kins....." Veronica was surprised by the note. She was hoping this little date between you two would lead to you both getting together since she herself was hoping you would make the first move but I guess that chance was ruined from a misunderstanding. Veronica grabbed her small purse and the roses and left to go maybe find you over at your place.

"Archie-kins, please give me a ride over to (Y/n)'s place. I have future relationship to save." She said with a determined smiled. Archie agreed and gave her a ride over to the south side were you stayed.

Over with you, you were outside of your house smoking a cigarette thinking if Veronica still had feelings for Archie and if she was simply giving you false hope

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Over with you, you were outside of your house smoking a cigarette thinking if Veronica still had feelings for Archie and if she was simply giving you false hope. You knew the two had history together since you had witnessed their relationship and everyone else who knows them. You finished the cigarette since you knew that was one thing Veronica did not like you doing and had always bugged you about since she hated the smell and knew it was bad for you. As you threw the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it to stop it from burning more, you heard the sound of the truck coming in on your driveway and the lights glaring at you then you seen it was Archie with Veronica, she gets off with the roses you got her and starts walking your way with a sad expression as Archie leaves.

"Look (Y/n), I'm Very Sor-" you had stopped her knowing what she was going to say.

"Look V, it was foolish of me to ever think that I would have a chance with you. I thought we had something going, I mean, the reason I asked you out to pop's was that I want to be with you." You said.

"I figured. I was actually hoping it would end to that." She said as she handed you the note that you had left for her when you would give her the roses.

"You know the other night when I took you back to your place? When we were about to kiss? I thought to myself that you had moved on from Archie and that I now had a chance with you but I guess I was wrong. I guess you still have a thing for Archie. I seen you two over at pop's together laughing and having a good time when I was walking in for our date." She went up to you and grabbed your hands.

"You have it all wrong (Y/n), it was a misunderstanding. Archie was talking to me since he was waiting on you to come since he would be observing things would go good for you and simply wanted to pass on time by talking to me."

"Oh really? He told you that? Pfft, I didn't need his help." You said trying to seem all tough.

"Oh really?~" She said smirking.

"Yeah really." Still keeping you tough macho act.

"Well he told me that you weren't so great with romance and wanted to make sure his friend wouldn't mess up.~"

"So you really mean it? You're over Archie?" You asked.

"Yes I am, we're just friends now. What do I have to do to prove to you I'm telling the truth?~" you smirked and pulled her close to you and leaned in for a kiss. She was surprised at first but eventually melted in to the kiss. The kiss lasted a bit but pulled away before things got too heated since you two were outside of your house and your neighbors would see.

"Wow (Y/n)-Kins, I didn't know you were such a lover boy and would make the first move.~" She said as she looked lovingly into your eyes as you still had her in your arms.

"What can I say? I know a thing or two when it comes to romance." She giggled at you on how you were acting.

"What do you say (Y/n), we go back to my place and celebrate our new profound love? My parents are gone for the night and It'll just be the two of us alone having fun.~" you smirked and knew what she meant.

"Sure, hop on my bike and let's head to your place.~" you gave her another kiss and the two of you got on your bike. You turned it on, revved it a few times and sped away to your next destination with Veronica holding on to you you. You were happy knowing that you had finally got her. What turned out to be enemies getting on each other nerves, turned out to be love. Who knows, maybe all that annoyance that each of you had for each other was actually pent up tension between you two that needed to be released so you two could get together. All that matter was she was yours and you were her's now nothing more.

The End

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