Joey's Group

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Beatrice's POV:
The four of us stood at the mouth of the vampire cave. Michael didn't usually stay there with them but last night he had stayed with Star. "Where are they?" Sam asked. Edgar looked around and said "let's try back there." Edgar led the way and Alan grabbed my hand, pulling me through the cave. We reached an area that was freezing cold. "It's cold." I said. Alan went to take off his jacket and Sam yelled. Edgar covered his mouth and the four of us looked up. Marko stirred and opened his eyes. He looked down at us and I gasped. "Hey, Beatrice." He said. David opened his eyes and flew down from his spot. Edgar went to grab a stake and I said "we're just here to talk to you. We have some information for you." "A deal." Sam said. Dwayne flew down with the rest of them. Paul yawned and said "you guys couldn't meet us later tonight?" "No. It's urgent. We heard about the other group of vampires. I don't know their names but maybe we could work together. We could drive them out of town." I said. Marko sighed and said "we could. Couldn't we?" "I hate Joey. He thinks he's better than everyone cause he has money." Dwayne mumbled. "His daddy has money." Paul replied. David looked at us and said "I like your deal. But the only way we agree to it is if the two of them stay away from us." He gestured to Alan and Edgar. Edgar scoffed and said "no way." Sam looked at Edgar and said "come on. He's agreeing to it." Alan sighed deeply and said "I'll stay away from you." Edgar looked at his brother crazily and said "what?!" "We need the other guys out. Plus they can take their territory." Alan suggested. Paul shrugged and said "dude has a point." I shivered and Alan handed me his jacket. Marko noticed Alan's crop top as did I. "I would've never pegged you for the crop top type." David said. Alan pinched the bridge of his nose and huffed. Edgar looked at the four vampires in front of us and said "I agree. But I don't like you guys." Dwayne leaned forward and said "we don't like you either." "We could use Beatrice as bait." David said. "Bait for what?" Sam asked. "The other boys." David said. Alan scoffed and said "no way. You're not putting her in danger." "She wouldn't be in an danger because me and my boys will be watching from afar. Plus I'm sure the three of you will too." Alan shook his head and Dwayne said "nothing will happen to her." "Nothing that involves our doing." Paul replied. Edgar stepped forward and said "back off, bloodsucker." Sam gulped and said "you promise to protect her? And us? From them?" Marko nodded and said "I'll protect her." I half smiled at Marko, he seemed to have a little crush on me. Which I thought was cute but I'm with Alan. "She'll be protected. No harm will come to her." David said. Alan stepped up to him and said "no harm better come to her. Otherwise you'll be begging for mercy."


I waited on the boardwalk, the plan was in motion. The boys were coming to the boardwalk tonight. David told me that the one that had a mullet would definitely try to hit on me. And that the one with floofy hair would follow suit. Speak of the devil. A guy dressed in denim, walked towards me, a cigarette dangling from his lips. "Hey." He said. I looked up at him and said "hi." "I've never seen you around here before. What's your name?" He asked me.


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"Beatrice." "That's pretty." A guy to my left said. Floofy hair guy. "Are you two going to tell me your names or am I going to have to guess?" The guy with the mullet chuckled and said "I'm Billy." The other guy cut in front of him and said "I'm Steve. Steve Harrington." "Hello, boys." Billy smirked and Steve said "wanna hang with us?" I quickly looked around and saw Alan with Sam and Edgar, watching me. "Sure." I said. Billy led the way and Steve followed. I watched the three boys get up and began to follow us. We stopped near the rollercoaster and Billy said "wanna ride?" Steve wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and before I could answer a blonde walked over. He was dressed like a preppy rich kid. "Billy, Steve, I've been looking for the two of you." He said, a brunette boy standing behind him. Then the blonde noticed me. "Who is this?"

 "Who is this?"

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"I'm Beatrice. Steve and Billy had asked me to ride the roller coaster with them. I told them I would since I'm in the mood for some fun tonight." "Oh my god!" Alan's voice said. All the boys around me turned around and Alan faked a fall. My eyes slightly widened but I quickly regained my composure so I wouldn't get caught. The blonde turned back around to face me and said "we'll join you. I'm Joey Callaghan." "Hi, Joey." I said to him. He smiled down at me. This boy was super attractive and could make any girl's heart turn into putty. Billy pointed to the other boy in the group and said "that's Jared." Jared nodded to me and Steve pulled me to the rollercoaster. Once we got in line, we ended up getting the front car. I watched Alan, Edgar and Sam get on a few rows behind me. I sat in between Steve and Billy, Billy putting his his arm around me. I glanced behind me to look at Alan, who glared at Billy's arm. I turned back around and Steve said "did you just move here?" "Yes." I replied. Billy leaned over and said "so how do you like Santa Carla?" "It's different. But it's fine." As we began to get closer to the top, I could see all of the boardwalk. The rollercoaster ride was fun, but not as fun as it would be if I was with Alan. Once the ride was finished, I watched Edgar and Sam get off, along with Alan. "That was fun but I have to go boys." I said. Joey stepped forward and said "we'll see you tomorrow?" "Sure. Meet at the carousel." I said. Billy smirked at me and Steve said "we'll see you." "See you." I said. I turned around and I went to meet Alan at the comic shop.

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