Take Me As I Am & Never Let Go

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  • Dedicated to Command Seg Major Young

Hold on. Keep breathing. Don’t forget who you are. Never let go. Come on breathe damn it. It isn’t the end yet. 

“Zera, come on lets go we have to leave him behind!” shouted Zoah. “Come on Zee otherwise we will get caught to!”

I looked down at my captains eyes one last time. I blinked back the tears ripping my sword through his heart. I got up quickly tugging his rank off his shirt before running off after Zoah. I ran through the forest pushing the tree branches out of my way as I raced on. I needed to get back to the base before something else went wrong. I closed my eyes for a bare moment when I felt my self behind lifted off my feet. I looked up at the cause to see Phoenix tugging on my shirt.

“Phoenix?” I looked up at him disbelieving. I grinned at the fiery bird before twisting my self and springing my self onto his back. I took grip of his neck making him fly faster through the sky. “ZOAH JUMP!” 

I watched Zoah look up smirking at me and quickly sprinted forward before launching him self off the tree in front of him. Original, I thought to my self. Phoenix caught him swooping in low at the perfect him. Zoah quickly wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer. 

“I am glad my baby sister is okay.” he cheered, tugging me closer. I wanted to hit him for saying that. How could he care that only I was okay and not our captain. .  Zane he was gone. How was he okay!? “I know you miss Zane, Zee but we couldn’t take him with us he was already wounded.”

How did he know that? Simple we are twins. We are telepathically connected to one another. We have been since birth that is why I our parents left us for the ditches. They wanted normal children not mind freaks. As much as it hurts us we didn’t care as long as we had one another. Phoenix sore through the sky, letting the light breeze fly through our hair. Zoah was smiling like an idiot and I smiled weakly. I looked down at the blood strained on my hand and sword. This was not going to be easy to explain. 

“We will take care of it.” Zoah, whispered in my ear. “It will be okay.”

~Back At HQ~

“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS ZERA!?” screamed, Lelia. She walked up to me slapping me across the face. I bit down on my lip just listening to her scream how could let this happen. I wanted to cry. Not only had she lost him so had I. He had been a father to me. So as much as it hurt her it hurt me times worse. “HOW COULD YOU! YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED!!!!”

“Lelia.” whispered Zoah, in a deadly tone. “Say one more thing to my sister and I will rip your head off.”

Everyone in the room got quiet and the fear lit up in Lelias eyes. No one liked a angry Zoah. Because whenever he was angry his abilities kicked in. trust me that is something you DID not want to deal with. I took hold of his hand rubbing the back of it softly. He looked over at my his eyes changing back to normal emerald green color. I smiled at him which he gracefully returned to me. 

“I didn’t mean to do it Lelia we were out numbered we could only take on so much.” I mumbled, rubbing the back of my hand. “It was either Zane only came back or Zoah and I came back. You take your pick counsel.”

“In all respects Miss. Lelia she does have a point better to have lost one than have to lost two.” Mr. Balli said. “Zera and Zoah please take this opportunity to go back to the human world. You school starts correct?”

We both looked at one another then back Mr. Balli we had an hint of mischief in his eyes. We smirked to ourselves and nodded our heads. He quickly brushed us off with his hand. Zoah and me took the chance to run out of the room. We dashed down the hallway laughing at how annoying Lelia was going to be. Even though the bruise on my cheek hurt I didn’t care because I got to keep Zane’s ranks!

That was all and more I could ask for. 

~Human World~

“Zera.” mumbled a sleepy Zoah. “Go to bed.”

I giggled to my self before turning off the light and crawling under the blankets with Zoah. This was going to be an interesting school year from what I could tell. I was looking forward to it in a way. 

“Me to Zee me too.” whispered Zoah. 

~School~ “Zera Argyros?” asked the teacher, looking up through the class only to spot my hand raised in the air like an idiot. He gave me a quick smile before calling the rest of the names.

You probably wondering who the heck I am. As you just heard my name is Zera Argyros. I am 17 years old. I have a twin name Zoah. We both are not really humans from this world. We were born here but we are inhabitants of Xorzo. Its an planet far away from here. We fight against mystical things. Yeah it seems like your same old crap you read in some random fantasy book but I assure you its a lot different. 

Right now we are suppose to be taking a break so we are admitting normal human schools. Blah if you ask me. I rather be where the action is. Trust me that is my punch line! Anyways lets see what this year holds for us starting with this teacher. 

“Kale? Kale Callis?” questioned the teacher, searching for the person through the coward of kids. “Are you he-”

Before he could finish his sentence a slender boy walked into the class room. You know in through movies when everything gets all slow when you see the guy for the first time. Well something like that happened but more like this. 

“KALE HOLY SHIT MOTHER FUCKER WHERE YA BEEN!??” I shouted, jumping onto my desk looking at Kale. Everyone turned to look at me laughing and starring in disbelief. Even the teacher was in shock. “I MISSED YOU COW!!”

He let out a roar of laughter just as my brother busted through the door of the room. My brother grabbed Kale and tackled him into the ground. 

“DUDDEEEEE!!!” laughed my brother. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!?” I jumped down from my desk and jumped on top of them both.

“MUAHAHAHAHA I RUN THIS PIMP SHOW BITCHES!!” I snorted. They both just laughed pushing my under them and sitting on top of me. “Your crushing myyy organs!!!”

They both got off me helping me to my feet just as Kale was about to say something. I saw an old man standing in the middle of the door with his eyebrows raised and my teacher with his arms crossed over his chest. Oh boy this was not going to be pretty. 

“Zera and Zoah Argyros and Kale Callis please report to the main office.” sang the announcement lady.  CRAPPPPPP >< ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey guys this is my newest story!!! I hope you like it! I just want you guys to message me and tell me what you think!!!! I want feed back! It is important I GET IT!!! ^^ thank you!! i hope you enjoyed the story I will updated soon. Btw this story is in loving memory of My Teacher Mr. Young The worldest most amazing teacher and human being<3

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