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"Sean, sorry, Jack Mcloughlin."

Jack walked up on stage, getting his diploma and sitting down in the seats behind Principal Ottaway.

I clapped, but it was still super awkward between us personally. We hadn't had contact since Wednesday.

After this ceremony, giving out diplomas, was my soccer game. Almost the whole school was coming to it, which was more nerve racking. If I screwed up, my one chance at impressing everyone was gone.

"Mark Fischbach." I smiled, getting up and walking up on stage, shaking Principal Ottaway's hand and taking my diploma.

Lucky me, my assigned seat was right next to Jack. How awkward could this get?

^timer skipper^

I got changed into my soccer uniform one last time, stepping out onto the lit field, since the sun was slightly setting already.

My team seemed to be sad to leave as well, all walking around and giving words of encouragement, even to me.

"Hey, Mark? I know this year was kind of rough. I wish you the best, and I hope you can still play some soccer, because you truly have some talent. Find yourself a nice boyfriend, a nice job, and have a nice life, dude."

I laughed. "Heartfelt. Thanks, David. I wish the best for you too, only I hope you find a girlfriend." David chuckled, walking away.

I will admit, its nice to finally feel accepted.

I had no idea where my friends were sitting, I wasn't going to find them in... the whole school. Literally, almost everyone in the school attended since it was the last game.

Finally, the other team got ready and met us on the field.

^smaller time skip^

We had the toughest night of the year, this team was pretty good.

So far we were in the lead, but it was super close. My team was all tired out, which wasn't good. The other team had a few players that still had their all in the game, which meant we needed to get back in it before they whoop our asses.

One of their main players was charging down the field with the ball, coming dangerously close to our goal. With the game a minute or less away from ending, I charged towards him, kicking the ball away from him and over to David.

David sprinted up to their goal, me sprinting down after him. I got right in front of the goal, with nobody guarding me. David passed me the ball, to which I kicked it in with all the energy I had left. And that was the winning point.

The other team walked over to their coach, while our team screamed and celebrated, running around the field while people came down onto the field to come meet up with the players.

I ran over to my bag, grabbing the red sweatshirt, and quickly slipping it over my jersey. I was now apparently a 'PLAYER'. I laughed, while running back out onto the field.

Everyone knew that this was Jack's sweatshirt, but I was kind of hoping they knew anyway. I sprinted across the field, over to where Bob, Wade, Marzia, and Felix were all screaming and freaking out about the goal I made and celebrating.

I looked behind them, seeing Jack come running from the bleachers, wearing the same sweatshirt?

Jack sprinted over to me, stopping to where our bodies would be touching if one of us just leaned forward slightly.

"Your sweatshirt!" I laughed.

"Kohls!" He laughed back.

Once we stopped laughing, we stared into each others eyes, the whole world around us seeming to come to a stop. "Mark?"

"What, Jack?"

"I'm gay."

My eyes widened with surprise as Jack slammed his lips onto mine, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer. I closed my eyes, kissing back, being as happy as I had ever been in my entire life, in that moment. I heard almost no noise around us, I only felt our lips moving together, fitting like a puzzle. I wrapped my hands around his neck, holding my breath for as long as humanly possible.

I didn't want to pull away, I didn't want the feeling to end, or the feeling to be ruined by bullies who saw, but as Jack said last night, fuck it.

We let go of each other, pulling away.

We were both beaming.

I glanced over towards our friends, seeing everyone but Felix's mouth hanging wide open. Felix was wiggling his eyebrows, smirking. I rolled my eyes, while giving him the finger playfully.

I then noticed that Jack was staring at our classmates, all huddled around each other, all looking like their jaws were on the ground.

"Well, looks like you found your boyfriend!" David yelled, making the team laugh.

Melanie walked a little closer to us, squinting her eyes. "So I was right, you both are faggots." She snapped.

"Yeah, and you're a bitch. What's new?" I laughed. I had never stood up to her like that, and it felt good. Her face turned slightly red, as she walked away and left with some friends.

I turned my focus back on Jack, meeting his eyes again. "Your eyes are the most adorable blue." I whispered. He blushed, looking at his feet. "Mark?"

I lifted up his chin with my finger to look him in the eye. "Yes?"

"Will you be my boyfriend?"

"Fuck yeah."

"Fuck yeah!" We both turned back to see where the second fuck yeah came from, to see Felix having his own mini party behind us.

"Oh my fucking jesus! You guys are the cutest couple!" He squealed. "Felix!"

"Jävla helvete!"

We all laughed at his Swedish swear word. He swears in Swedish when he gets really scared.

"Marzia! I'm just celebrating!" He laughed. "Well don't say 'fucking' so many times!" She sounded annoyed.

"But aren't they just the cutest fucking couple?!" He yelled. Marzia grinned slightly before sighing.

"Yes, Felix. They are the cutest fucking couple." The rest of them laughed at Marzia cussing, while Jack and I turned back towards each other, engulfing each other in a hug.

"I like your sweatshirt." I whispered.

"Yours is better." He chuckled.


HAH ur welcome. this book isn't over, oh no. they still have some of the summer for their relationship to evolve into, whats that?! oh yeah! smut

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