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(Mark's POV)

(This was a big time skip, for it is now the last week of school. FYI, Mark has a soccer game on the last day of school, right after graduation. roll with it, peeps)

ME: hey jack, so I only have two games left and one is tonight. r u gonna come to one of them?

JACK: of course ill come to your last game is after graduation so I figured I would just stick around. I have something going on during your game tonight

ME: ok cool! you wanna meet up after my game tonight?

JACK: sure, but why

ME: oh mrs campbell moved our projects to Wednesday, tomorrow, and I figured we could use that as an excuse to hang out again

JACK: we need an excuse to hang out?

ME: well, I figured you would want an excuse if we go in public and see someone we know

JACK: that's true, anyway cya at tonight after you game! good luck

ME: thanks!

I smiled, grabbing my soccer bag and running down the stairs into the living room.

"Ok, mom? Dad? Listen to me, I will let you come to this one game, but if you make a scene or comment about me to anyone else, you are banned from all future games or programs or shows I am in. Got it?" They nodded, heading out to the car with me.

My dad didn't think I was too good of a soccer player because he had never seen me, and my mom was just worried about me getting hurt. After all, my shoulder wasn't fully healed yet, but the doctors said I should be fine.

As long as I don't land on my shoulder, so I need to take it a little easy, but Coach understands that and is going to tell the team so they don't think I'm just being lazy.

At this point, the only thing the school knows is that I got shot by an unknown person, and now Jack lives alone.

Speaking of Jack, he has seemed so much happier lately. I mean, Felix, Marzia, and I all made him go talk to a therapist about what happened, which he didn't like at first, but it really did help him.

^big time skip because the authors kinda lazy and wants to get to the good stuff^

AAAAAAAnd we crushed the game completely.

We had doubled the other teams points in total!

My dad had been cheering so loud that I could hear him in the field. I laughed a few times, seeing my mom get worried about me while my dad was screaming to get my head in the game.

Marzia, Felix, Wade, and Bob all met me after the game, telling me that I was doing amazing for just getting shot in the shoulder.

Coach made sure to tell me that too, and I'm pretty sure Coach is the only person at the school who actually knows what happened that night. Somehow he figured it out, I'm not too sure how.

My parents drove by Jack's house, stopping in front of it.

"Remember to call me if you guys need help, since there is no adult present." My mom called, as I opened the front door and ran off towards the house.

I heard the car pull away as I knocked on the door, waiting for Jack to answer.

He let me in, heading up to his room.

"Does it get lonely here?" I asked. Jack sighed and nodded, sitting down on the couch in his room. He turned on his TV, playing The Big Bang Theory. I smiled sitting on the floor in front of him.

"How was soccer?" He asked. I smiled and focused my attention on the TV.

"It was great. We beat the other team by double their points. To be honest though, I kind of popped my shoulder in some weird way, and now both my shoulders hurt. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want anyone to flip out. It's not like a bad way, its like a sore way. My shoulders are both really sore." I laughed.

"So your shoulder that got shot doesn't hurt anymore?"

"Nope. It only left a scar. It doesn't hurt and doesn't need anything else done to it. Its just like a normal scar now." I answered.

Suddenly I felt two hands on my shoulder, massaging them gently. I tensed up at first, but slowly my torso loosened and I slouched down slightly.

"So, this doesn't hurt?" Jack asked. I shook my head no. It actually felt really good.

"Wow Jack, you're really good at that." I mumbled.

I heard him mumble something, so I turned my head around to face him. His face was sort of close to my face, which surprised me at first. We stared at each other for awhile, until I tried to break the silence. "Jack-"

"Fuck it."

Jack pressed is lips passionately onto mine, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I turned my body fully around, making my way onto the couch without parting our kiss. We both kissed passionately, completely leaving the world around us alone. It was like the world was slowly fading, and we were the only thing that mattered in that moment. My head was clear, all I thought about was Jack.

We parted only when we had to, when we had no breath left. We sat next to each other on the couch, panting and not meeting each others gaze.

"I thought you weren't gay..." I whispered.

"I'm not.... I'm not gay." Jack mumbled, as if talking to himself. "God, no I'm not gay! What did we do..." He yelled.

"Pick a side Jack. You're so black and white. One minute you're kissing me like I'm all you have to live for, the next you're yelling at me because you're not gay and we just kissed. Come get me when you figured out what you actually want from me. A friend, or a boyfriend." I snapped, feeling the tears threaten to come out.

I stood up, storming out of his bedroom and down the stairs. I heard his footsteps following close behind. "Mark, wait!" I ignored him and kept going.

I walked out of his house, speed walking down the street towards my house. I didn't look back, but I could feel his eyes on me, and I knew he was on his porch.


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