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"I was at a party a little while before school ended, and things were bad before that." Calum said letting me soak up what he was saying. I sat on the bathroom counter with Calum leaning in between my legs. His giant and warm hands gripped my thighs, like he was afraid of loosing me. If I knew he was this scared of telling me I wouldn't have asked him, but I really needed to know, it itched at me like a mosquito bite that never went away. It was driving me crazy not knowing this huge event that occurred in Calum's life. I know its hard for him to explain to me, I can really tell through his face he didn't want to tell me and that made me sad. I never wanted to pressure him into something he didn't want to do but like I said before it was itching at me.

He breathed out a heavy sigh catching my eyes with his. I could see he was trying to sort out what he was gonna say, I could see the pain in his eyes. He didn't want to tell me and as much as I wanted to know, I wanted Calum to want to tell me. He obviously doesn't trust me enough to tell me, and that's okay. Trust is a hard thing to gain, and I had lied to him about something so important and juristic I'm okay with waiting.

"Calum, if you don't want to tell me, that's okay. I want you to be comfortable with telling me." I finally spoke up clearing my mind of the brawl between wanting to know and not. I could tell Calum was relived I let him go. This was a huge thing for him and it's so early into our relationship I don't want to ruin it over some secret that can wait for when he is ready to tell me. Right now we can just enjoy the rest of the time we have together.

Speaking of time, it's already been a month and a half since Calum showed up, and fuck, it's been a crazy month and a half. We've seen each others ups and downs and we've grown so close to each other in such a short amount of time. I thought this kind of thing only happened in books. It feel so surreal that this was happening to me, to us. I didn't know that these were real. Like you could like someone so much that nothing else mattered; and when they were around that's all you cared about. And when they weren't near you that's all you could think about. Was the one person you cared for most.

"Garland Rose, y-you wanted me to tell you though." Calum whispered not looking me in the eye. I couldn't tell his emotions anymore because everything seemed to shift. The air in the room felt lighter and brighter, even though there was a huge secret still hidden.

"But I want you to be comfortable with telling me. I don't want to pressure you into anyting you don't want to do. " I stated pulling calums chin up so his eyes could meet mine. He looked like a lost puppy is bottom lip popped out pouting and his eyes were big and sad.

Calum removed his hands from my thighs and brought them to my waist and squeezed me into a hug. I could tell he was happy I didn't pressure him into telling him. Hell he didn't pressure me into telling him about my problem; but I couldn't really control that either. "Thank you." He whispered into the crook of my neck, giggling the cutest giggle I have ever heard afterwards. We stayed still and silent for a few moments, collecting our thoughts.

"Let's go, I'm starving." I voiced as Calum released me from our tight embrace. Both of our attitudes shifted a grwat amount once we got out of the bathroom. I heard talking downstairs and prayed that didn't know what happened yesterday.

"Don't worry, we told them we went to the park and you fell asleep. They don't know anything bad." Calum said reading my mind. His hand laid lazily on my waist as we descended down the stairs. We walked quietly into the kitchen praying to god my parents didn't hear us from the living room.

"Garland please come in here." My dad said in a forceful voice. I sighed grabbing Calum's hand tightly. I didn't know what was wrong but I knew it was bad. My parents never did this sort of thing they were very chilled family. The last time something like this happened was when I overdosed. My breathing became rapid as we made our way to the living. My realization of the situation became larger, as they must have found out something bad for me to be in this predicament.

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