unique characters 101.

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list of quirks for characters to make them a little more interesting

doesn't like to wear shoes
always has a piece of sugarfree gum in their mouth
has a collection of cartoon dvds
walks everywhere they go
only wears pastel colors
won't go anywhere without three hairbands on their wrist
refuses to wear any shoes except red converse
has a crippling fear of something mundane like mushrooms
has a dream notebook filled with every dream they can remember
has a really loud sneeze and goes into sneeze fits
only wears vintage clothing
has damaged hair from messing with it too much
super good at advanced math but can't do addition for shit
believes in the supernatural, like ghosts
likes to go on midnight shopping trips and run through stores
gets too emotionally attached
loves dogs and has three of them
has hallucinations, but not scary ones
works at a fast food establishment in their free time
always carries a musical instrument with them
always carries a sketchbook with them
likes to name inanimate objects
strictly against drug use
excessively polite
excessively indecisive
can recite the first 200 digits of pi
can only play clocks by coldplay on the piano and plays it 24/7
gets itchy skin when anxious
has to move things around in a certain pattern before going to sleep
worries that if they do one thing wrong they'll die
obsessed with puzzles
obsessed with rpg videogames
texts with one thumb
always has red painted nails
an amazing runner with super toned legs
has a beautiful voice
has restless legs, especially at night
has terrible performance anxiety
doesn't like to turn assignments in because they're afraid they'll fail
loves science but is really bad at it
can/can't make friends easily
likes to lie in fields and stare at the stars
believes that wishes can come true
falls deeply in love
bruises super easily
beautiful/horrible handwriting
only likes nintendo games
only drinks sparkling water
doesn't watch tv/listen to music
goes to concerts every week
likes slam poetry
likes to study in coffee shops/libraries
doesn't understand politics but tries nonetheless
wears the same sweatshirt every day
collects sweatshirts
works three part time jobs
crazy intelligent but super shy
likes to memorize phone numbers instead of writing them down
loves to calculate probability
gets homesick very easily
wants to leave home very badly
trips a lot
can't dance but tries anyway
brushes their teeth seven times a day
incredibly honest to a sometimes brash extent
only draws with mechanical pencils
only writes with pens
collects pens from hotels
wants to believe in heaven but can't
watches a ton of anime
makes people cute nicknames
makes people origami
uses origami as a coping mechanism
owns a ton of t-shirts from hot topic, but has never been inside
makes all their own food
eats rice krispies every morning
does everything "for the aesthetic"
watches kids shows
goes to a private school
short term memory loss
loves disney movies
makes lists of random things in their free time
only eats foods with a spoon
only likes to wear skirts
never has their hair down
dyes their hair every two weeks
likes to collect pokemon cards
gets obsessed with games really easily
gives up too easily
gets their heart broken too often
has a mysterious disease
has a big social media following
tries too hard to be popular
likes to draw everything and everyone
can eat a whole lemon
listens to "edgy" music all the time

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