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a/n: i wasn't gonna do the teachers but someone requested i do it, so i'm only doing a few of the teachers. if you have a specific request for a certain teacher, message me. also hizashi is mic since some people don't know apparently


Shota Aizawa -

You and Aizawa had met in high school, at UA, in fact. You had gotten married to him a few years ago, then he managed to convince you to retire from being a hero and work at UA with him. You loved teaching there more than you thought you would, it reminded you of the old days where you and Hizashi used to prank Aizawa all the time. Of course, being a teacher at UA did have its downfall. You would get badly injured by students and targetted in villain attacks, but you still loved it.

Never once had the thought of actually being mentally hurt by your students crossed your mind. That changed today though, while you were preparing your class you heard whispers. The popular girls in the class, you hated the little shitheads but they were your students so you had to hide that. It took you a minute to realize what they were whispering about, you. You squinted and busied yourself with some papers as you evesdropped. "I know she's our teacher and that everyone loves her, but what is there to love?" One girl snickered, "She's so fat and I'm surprised that Mr. Aizawa even married the slob." Another whispered back.

Needless to say, that day was a long day. You were happy as hell to get out of there, and you even thought about never showing up again. This isn't high school though, you can't let what the mean girls say affect you anymore. Plus, they were your fucking students. Were you really gonna let some kids make you retire? You were only 29! Still, it did sting as you left your classroom and entered your shared house with Aizawa.

Instead of going home with him like you usually do, you walked straight past his classroom and to your house. Which worried him so much that he almost ran straight into the front door, how pleasant. "Y/N? Honey, are you alright? You didn't stop by, were you not feeling well?" He called out to the house, worry still laced in his voice.

You turned from the stairs with a teary smile, "Oh, sorry. I just had a bad day at work, some girls were calling me fat. It's so stupid that I let my own damn students get to me, damn." You laughed through your tears.

He pulled you into a tight hug and rested his chin on top of your head, "No, no it isn't. You aren't fat either, it doesn't matter what size you are anyway. You're beautiful no matter what and I won't ever stop loving you either."

Hizashi Yamada -

Hizashi was never really the shy or hidden type, he loved every inch of himself and fuck if someone didn't it didn't bother him one bit. You were the complete opposite, you cared very much what other people thought and hated to put yourself out there. Dating the loud guy in school wasn't ideal but you fell for his dumb charms and ended up loving him very much.

You two eventually got married after high school, he decided to become a teacher but you decided to stick to being a pro. It was a bit difficult with your social anxiety and body issues but Hizashi always hyped you up, even if you weren't being all sad. He always made sure you knew how gorgeous you were.

You came home one day feeling like absolute shit. You were fighting with a villain and the insults you usually got didn't usually affect you but this was different, he hit a soft spot. He called you fat and ugly, which was a sensitive spot for you. You did your best to hide the fact that he had gotten to you and arrested him, but after being out of the public eye you broke down.

Hizashi came home after school, also feeling like shit but that was just because Nezu didn't let him yell 'thot' at the media when they came in. When he heard the all to familiar sobbing from the living room of your shared house, he instantly sprung into action and cuddled you. "Hey, hey, shh. What's wrong baby? Tough day?" He cooed into your ear and patted your hair.

You hiccuped and cuddled closer to him, nodding. "A-A villain, he just said some mean shit and it got to me. I-I'm sorry." You muttered.

Hizashi kissed the top of your head and sighed in relief, he knew it was bad but he thought you got hurt. "Hey, hey. It's alright, whatever he said obviously isn't true. You're beautiful and so amazing, why do you think I married you?" He snickered into your hair and planted another kiss on your head. "Why don't you rest and take the day off tomorrow, I love you."

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