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a/n: so this was originally a bakugou x reader but i decided to write a short little imagine for a few characters in class 1-A, the next chapter will probably be with the teachers as well because i really love this request since i struggle with body image issues. enjoy, my dudes


Izuku Midoriya -

When you got your acceptance letter to UA, you practically lost your shit. Even if you came in last place on the entrance exam you were still excited that you got accepted, it was extremely difficult due to your self esteem being so low and all those negative thoughts piling on top of you.

The first day of UA you wanted to crawl out of your skin, the uniforms were so tight and it made you feel so uncomfortable. You carried your bag in front of you the whole day to hide your stomach, even after all your classmates had been so extremely nice to you and not once mentioned weight.

You got along with pretty much everyone and they all loved you so much, most people were completely oblivious to the fact that you hated your body since you just brushed it off as you like more baggy clothes to move around in. You were scared if you brought it up then they would notice it more, which was the last thing you wanted.

After a week or two of UA, Izuku Midoriya a.k.a your best friend since you got to UA asked you out. To his surprise, you replied with a very happy yes. Now bringing you the present, where Izuku had just walked in on your dorm while you were muttering all sorts of insults at yourself.

Izuku's jaw dropped slightly, surprised that his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend was calling herself fat and ugly. "H-Hey, Y/N, stop talking so bad about yourself like that!" He shouted after he stared in shock at you. He was shocked at how you viewed yourself, he hated how he didn't catch your self-doubt sooner. Of course, you had left small hints that you hated yourself with the small awkward chuckles or how you got dead silent when Monoma talked bad about you or 1-A.

You broke down right there, seeing his surprised face and how he was staring at you made it hard to keep in. You dropped to your knees and started crying, Izuku realized that you'd been holding all this in for god know how long and how hard it must be to do the stuff Aizawa asked of you. "I just hate myself, Izuku! I hate how selfish I am, I hate everything about myself!" You screamed at him with tears streaming down.

He wasn't exactly sure how to react, but he was quick to swipe you into a tight hug and reassure you. "I-I don't know how it exactly feels, but I know a little. I know it feels like everyone hates you but trust me, Y/N, everyone in class loves you! Even 1-B loves you, did you see how happy they were when you talked to them? It doesn't matter how big or how small you are, everyone loves you for you. You're beautiful inside and out, so please don't talk about yourself like that!" He often gave you speeches, not just you, everyone. This was different though, he had a genuine sound in his voice.

After that day Izuku was always more protective of you, you sometimes had to calm him down so he wouldn't yell at Monoma. He always made sure to reassure you and cheer you on, everyone in your class cheered you on but his voice was always the loudest in the crowd. He helped you regain confidence in yourself and made sure that you knew how much everyone cared about you and loved you.

Katsuki Bakugou -

Getting into UA was a shock to you, when you read your acceptance letter and listened to All Might's speech you cried. Of course, getting into UA had been your goal forever but a sliver of you prayed that you didn't get in since everyone else looked so much prettier than you. When you got your uniform you almost skipped the first day and debated dropping out and going to a regular high school. Unfortunately for you when you stopped mid-walk to school, a bunch of friendly voices erupted and easily befriended you.

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