The Man

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The man was a young boy once, and immersed himself in all what others. He played Star Wars with school-desks made Millenium Falcon, where he always wanted rather to be Luke than Chewbacca or at least Han. He used to push bugs and looked at them, bought flowers because it was told to be the way for asking a classmate out at the age of six. Sometimes he roamed around protected whom he thought had to be.

Also, he was wandering in the endless walls of a burdened world. He started to see the cracking in his nightmares which he thought to be normal dreams, which only turned out to be different with others.

He used to be scared and frightened by nukes and early, unrighteous endings of the world he only knew from books, music and later rare TV and movies. For him the muppets were as close as far for the most surrounding him. He couldn't swim but never drowned in the flood.

Time to time, he was on the surface and resonated. He did not know it was the Universe, God or parallel realities, it was like to be awaken. During those periods time and space seemed to expand till disappeared and only a cognition remained, an unnamed unity and resonance.

Eras and eons passed by. The man who once was a boy disappeared. Followed patterns, sank into vanity and was lost in a purposeless maze. Rarely, he came back to the surface, then, he just felt desperate and immediately chose the suffocating blob accumulated in his soul and cells, the life-deceiving agony.

As he grew, he did not mature. Instead, he seemed to vaporize in the thin air. He was one in a trillion. Then he died.

Reincarnation was something quite else than in the books. He did not incarnate into a worm, a deer or a young baby. He was in the same body, same age when he passed away. However, this time he knew, felt, sensed everything he had done as they were happening again and again, all at once, yet separately. Time and space differed again, and he was in the loneliest place in the galaxy. He felt nobody recognized his absence and his return, connecting to him as he was still in a coma. He couldn't wake up from his life.

It was God who saved him.

He didn't know it though. Or at least not at first.

He was like a broken machine, a soulless mind. His heart was broken.

Little, tiny steps of grace and unexpected love by others who were without any particular reason to give. The man was grateful to these people. Like a reinstalled robot he started to adopt. It was a life more of commands but was a new life. Borders, boundaries unknown, burdens carried in an unspeakable clothe. He was tidy, unclean.

Probes, endeavors started. People came saying and showing his own failures in their lives. He wanted to save them. Each one of them, he felt unworthy to pray for them, so he offered his own unworthy life, health. He begged to inherit the curses freeing them this way. He was often unable to move, walk, speak, but his heart started to beat for each and every unknown he met on his journey. Then for others with whom he never met.

Eras and eons passed.

The man became more mature. Incomplete.

Sometimes, he feels he knows less from the final truth than ever. Other times he is wronged, misunderstood. Quite often he feels the pains in his teeth as he presses his lips not to say, not to preach. He struggles inside, frequently tidal waves question even his own existence. However, inside, somewhere in the middle, he is calm and relaxed. This tranquility is tested even by Heavenly Parent, to form his heart into a more resonating shape.

The man is alone. Enjoys his quest to find home for and with each and every one of you. To build the everlasting land of eternal values, virtues and absolute love.

The man who once was a boy asks you to come and build it, together.

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