Just_Blame_Luke: Kittens?

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Hiya! Can you maybe do a 5sos one (basing this off of the interview with the kittens) where baby/toddler Michael really wants a kitten because of the interview, and begs for one?

Idk, I left that really open so you could do whatever with it. Love your writing! ~Jill

Thank you so much that you love it!!


Michael ( headspace 3 years old)

Calum (daddy)

Ashton (papa)

Luke (baba)

Ever since they interview about kittens little Michael wanted one.

Baby Michael really wanted a kitten so bad because there so fluffy, cute, and adorable. His friend Harry who's 3 years old same age as him got a kitten on Christmas Day so he's so jealous about his friend.

Harry always bring his kitten always even Michael play with it. They interview about kittens even Michael got a good idea about it.

Michael Pov

I have a good idea what about I asked my daddies can I get a kitten, but I am afraid if they say no.

I tapped my daddy's shoulder, he turned around and smiled," Hey baby boy! What do you need."

"Can I get a kitten daddy," I asked shyly. He frowned.

"I don't know baby pulse we have a busy over the tour and interviews, I don't think we have time to get one, darling," he asked. My smiled turn into a sad one, I forgot about everything pulse I hated to become a big boy it's stupid.

I nodded sadly and went to play with my toys on the floor. After that it was lunchtime which papa is make grilled cheese sandwiches and fruits.

Baba walked in the room I was in and picked me up walking toward the kitchen. The food was set up for me as I eat my food sadly.

Calum Pov

Sometimes I worried my baby, he seem sad when I told him that we won't have time to get a kitten, I know I wanted to get one too but the tour, interviews, and concerts we needed to do.

I think Luke and Ashton notices about Michael's behavior today which I going to talk about when is Michael's nap time.

After lunch I stay over to wash the dishes as I was finished called Luke and Ashton in the kitchen.

"Hey, what's wrong with Michael today," Ashton asked.

"Michael asked me can we get a kitten, but I told him the we are to busy and I don't think we have time with the kitten," I said sadly.

"I'm sure Neil will slid us through with any animals and I going to called him," Luke smirked as he walked out calling our manager about it.

I hope we can so we can make our little Mickey happy.

Michael Pov

I woken up my nap time as my papa just in time got me out of my crib.

"You have a nice nap baby," he asked as I nodded. I am still sad about the kittens I hope is a way. Papa was changing my nappy into a fresh one as he was finished he put me on his hip walking down into the living leaving with my toys.

I heard talking and shuffling into the other room as my daddies came in with baba hands was behind his back.

"What you got there baba," I asked confusedly. They looked each other as they nodded.

Baba took his hands in the front it was a box he was showing me. I was still confused as he sated the box in front of me.

It started to move, I got scared because what if something will pop out but I looked in the box and saw a little kittens looking at me.


I squealed I ran up to my daddies and hugged them, I can't believe that they gave me a kitten I love them so much I gave them each kisses on the cheek.

I named my kitten it's a boy name whiskers. I love him to pieces I was able to eat with him and play with him. Even he playmate with my friend Harry which his cat is name Dusty.

Luke Pov

I loved that our baby love his kitten so much. I am happy seeing a big smiled on his face.

Ashton Pov

Michael and Mr. Whiskers are like best friend like they stick to together never leaving by their side.

Calum Pov

I am glad that Michael new pet enjoying Michael and loved him so much. It's wanted to make me cry. (pretending whipping his tease away)

Welcome to the family Mr. Whiskers!!!


Do you love it Just_Blame_Luke? Sorry it made sucked because I never seen the interview and I can make do it again if you want?

Again still open request ask me anything!!!!

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