Chapter 22 - A Stare From A Distance

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-Chiharu's Father's Room-

Yui and Chiharu are now completely alone in Chiharu's Dad's bedroom. Chiharu's Father had worked long hours at work to support both Hideko and Chiharu, so he wasn't really present as much as he wanted to be with his Son and Daughter.

"So, what is it you want, Yui?" Chiharu said kinda sarcastically.

Chiharu's sarcasm had upset Yui a little as she knew that she still hadn't gotten over the incident with Kenji and Yui just leaving Chiharu alone like that with Kenji.

"I...want to say that I'm sorry...I'm sorry with how I acted last night and it was immature of me..."

Chiharu looked at Yui's sadness in her face and saw a genuine apology from Yui.

Chiharu smiled after a few seconds with an annoyed face.

"Don't worry about it, Yui! I would probably have done the same thing if I had the same view as you about Kenji...besides, I'm not sure whether to forgive him now...not after his Father..."

Yui had a look of shock and concern on her face after she saw Chiharu burst into tears and went straight over to her to comfort her the best she knew how and put her arm around her while rubbing her back.

Yui looked at Chiharu as Chiharu looked back at Yui.

"What is wrong, sweetie? What did Kenji's Father do, exactly?" Yui said quietly and worried.

Chiharu thought about it for a few seconds before telling Yui what Kenji had told her about his Father brutally killing Chiharu's Mother.

Yui was completely shocked and bewildered, however after thinking about it for a few seconds, she realized that it was not actually Kenji's fault and was the doing of his Father...though she could definitely see how upset Chiharu would be at Kenji.

"Chiharu-chan...I know you are very upset and you must be really hurting inside and I really don't blame you...but you have to know that this wasn't exactly Kenji's fault and was all his Father's, please don't blame Kenji-Kun?"

Chiharu looked straight at Yui and in her heart, she knew Yui was right.

"I know, Yui-chan...I just need more time to process it all...because this is the hardest to accept..."

"It's ok, Chiharu! I know you will eventually forgive him."

Yui said as she again hugged Chiharu, and Chiharu hugged Yui back.

They then both broke the hug, looked into each other's eyes as Chiharu said to Yui "Thank you...Thank you so much, Yui-chan!"

Chiharu then leaned in and kissed Yui on the lips...she then quickly broke it off and looked back at Yui as Yui's eyes were almost bolted out of her head and couldn't believe what had just happened.

After a few seconds, Chiharu then leaned in for another kiss, this time it was much longer. Yui was still in a bit of a shock, but then slowly closed her eyes to enjoy the moment; Chiharu also had her eyes closed and really enjoying the moment as well.

The kiss went on for about 45 seconds before they were interrupted by a scream which came from Chiharu's Bedroom, this also broke up the kiss.

Chiharu and Yui both quickly went to Chiharu's room only to find Aina looking like she had seen a ghost and saw Momoko on top of Angela on Chiharu's bed.

About 5 minutes later and all five girls were sitting in Chiharu's room in silence and embarrassed. The awkwardness each girl had now felt towards each other was pretty high.

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