Part 7

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(The next day)

I woke the next morning in Zach's bed and remember that we were cuddling last night.
"Hey you're finally awake," Zach said coming into the room from the bathroom.
"Morning," I said sitting up.
"Morning to you too," Zach said and sat on the bed infront of Me. I smiled and pecked Zach's lips before getting up.
"Why can't we have this," Zach said.
"We will soon hopefully," I said and went to my closet.
"Knock Knock," I heard Y/N's voice from the door.
"Hey beautiful I thought you had work," I said and went over to her.
"No did you not get my text last night?" Y/N questioned.
"No?" I said and looked at Zach. Zach threw me my phone and I looked through my texts.
"You never texted me last night," I said and Zach got up from his bed.
"Yes I did," Y/N said and took my phone and looked through deleted texts.
"Seriously Jack," she said and threw my phone at me before walking out the room.
"What Baby I didn't delete it," I said and went after her.
"Oh so your phone just magically deletes my texts," she yelled.
"No baby I promise it wasnt me," I saod and took her hands in mine.
"So who did?" She asked.
"I don't know," I said and a tear fell down her cheek.
"Are you cheating on me?" She asked and pulled her hands out of mine.
"No, why would you think that?" I said.
"I don't maybe because you delete my texts and we've been distant," Y/N said and I felt heat broken. We have been distant.
"Jack are you cheating on me?" She asked again and I shook my head.
"Its not like that," I said.
"So you did?" Y/n asked and I nodded slowly.
"Y/N..." I tried saying.
"Save it Jack We're done I hope you and that other girl are happy," Y/N said and walked to the front door.
"It wasn't a girl," I said and Y/N turned to me.
"It wasn't?" Y/N questioned.
"No Y/N Im gay," I admitted and she looked more hurt.
"Fuck you Jack How could you be gay when we've been dating for 7 months?" Y/N said in anger.
"It just happened ok Im sorry that I hurt you and lied but I did love you Y/N you were the best part of my life for awhile," I said and she came closer to me.
"Jack I loved you too and I hope you will be happy," She said and hugged me. I hugged back and heard someone come downstairs.
"I hope we can be friends," I whispered into her ear before the hug broke.
"Of course," she said and I smiled
"I'll y'all later I gotta go meet up with my mom," Y/N said and left.
"What was that all about?" Zach asked behind me.
"We agreed to me friends," I said and turned to face him.
"Seriously?" Zach said.
"Yes," I said and Zach came closer to me.
"So you're officially single?" Zach asked.
"Yes," I said and Zach smirked.
"So you won't mind if I do this?" Zach said before connecting our lips. I kissed back and heard clapping from upstairs. We stopped and looked up to see the rest of the guys.
"Final god damn ly," Jonah said and I hugged Zach. Zach hugged back and kissed my cheek.
"Zach will you," Zavh cut me off.
"Yes a hundred times yes," Zach said and hugged me tighter.

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