vii. bleeding love

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title: bleeding love

pairings&characters: sophie, keefe, sokeefe
genre: romance, angst, au, hurt/comfort, tragedy
rating: M
summary: sophie and keefe look into ways to progress their relationship, but bitter past experiences get in the way

pairings&characters: sophie, keefe, sokeefegenre: romance, angst, au, hurt/comfort, tragedyrating: Msummary: sophie and keefe look into ways to progress their relationship, but bitter past experiences get in the way

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"I'VE HAD IT ON MY MIND FOR AWHILE," Keefe confessed humbly.

Sophie watched him earnestly, heart pounding in her ears. He was sitting so casually on the opposite end of the bed, just watching her. Did he actually. . . just admit that to her?

Of all the things Sophie had thought they'd be talking about when she invited him over to Havenfield on the drowsy, thundercloud-filled April afternoon, that wasn't on the list.

Sure, they'd slowly been spiraling closer towards that heavy decision, but she hadn't thought that Keefe really wanted to talk to her about it.

Secretly she'd wanted him to bring it up to her. She wanted to know his desires with her and she wanted him to knows hers. She wanted to explain her apprehensions, her boundaries, and the things that scared her - but she also wanted to share the things she enjoyed, the things that put butterflies in her stomach to think about.

But now that Keefe was diving in deep to that conservation right here and right now, admitting to her that he wanted sex with her just like she did with him, it out her face - no, her whole body - on fire.

It was sweet, how he was about to take the time to discuss it with her before he tried diving in - but it made her stomach turn sour.

Sophie was wholly impressed, though, at how he said it without stuttering or stammering like she would have, confessing something like that straight to her face. But she definitely took note of the way his face was a light pink, flushing adorably.

Sophie's face was much darker though, judging by the way Keefe's lips still managed to quirk at the corners as he observed her.

"Really?" she asked quietly. It was more of a squeak than anything.

Keefe rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "I mean, I'm just. . . I don't know. Worried about hurting you. And stuff. I'm not sure. It's a big step. But it's. . ."

He picked his dry lips, eyes flickering up to hers as he trailed off. Once sea and earth collided, he cleared his throat, flushing a deep red.


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