Chapter Three:Do You Really Need The Extra Large Can of Whipped Cream?

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Chapter Three:Do You Really Need The Extra Large Can of Whipped Cream?

“What do you think? Slutty nurse or slutty french maid?” 


“But you have to pick one, you can’t be without costume on Halloween.”

“I’m not opposed to costumes, just ones with the word slutty in them.”

Cami sighs and plops down on my desk chair, “You make my job so difficult.” 

I finish typing up an email to my professor and face her, ‘I never gave you the job description of ‘help Tessa get rid of the crazy hoes who are superglued to her boyfriend.’ Besides, I don’t think I could pull off those looks, right Sarah?”

My roommate Sarah as the total opposite of Cami in the way that she’s really shy around new people. It was a really awkward experience for the both of us to be sharing the same small space the first couple of weeks of moving into the dorm. But one night I heard her fighting with her boyfriend on the phone and tried to console her, we had a heart to heart abusing all men on the planet and soon got along great. She’s  a Texan, absolutely gorgeous with her big brown eyes and curly dark hair but looking at her it’s easy to tell that she’s not aware of that. With me, she’s started coming out of her shell and opening up but I’m starting to think Cami terrifies her. 

She pokes her head up from the textbook in her lap and and glances towards Cami who’s watching her intently and that can be pretty intimidating but Sarah squares her shoulders and declares, “I think you should wear the costume Cole got you, it’ll definitely keep the hoes away.” 

I nearly double over when I hear the word hoe coming from her prim and proper mouth, the girl wears a pearl necklace to class for god’s sake! But I definitely appreciate the support and grin at her. 

“I know right? Why be a slutty anything when I have the greatest costume ever in my possession already?”

“Wait what costume? Why have I not heard of this?” 

In the three weeks that I’ve come to know her, it’s become apparent that Cami’s the kind of person who fits into your life so seamlessly that it feels like they’ve always been there. I have no objections to her suddenly being a big part of life because it doesn’t seem like she’s imposing. 

“Because I really like it and I didn’t want you to take your scissors to it.”

“But…but can’t I at least see?” 

“You will in a couple of minutes,” I tell her as my phone blinks with a text and a huge smile comes across my face. “just a slightly different version of it.” 

She’s confused and Sarah blushes because she actually knows what’s going on and the presence of a certain male always makes her flustered. 

Right on cue, someone knocks on the door and I rush to open it, flinging my textbooks aside. Outside I see Cole in all his sweaty glory and kiss him quickly on the lips before dragging him inside.

“Hello ladies,” 

Both of them, no matter how different turn into giggling pre-teens as my boyfriend directs his blinding smile towards them. 

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