Chapter Thirty Eight

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Annabelles PoV

When I came out of the bathroom after a much needed shower I startled as I saw a woman in her late fourties or early fifties standing in the corner of the room patiently waiting for me. She didn't utter a word as I stepped out of the cloud of steam, she just stood there with her head bowed.

"Umm...hi?" I muttered uncomfortably as I waved an awkward wave in her direction. She again ignored me and instead wandered over to the vanity on one side of the room and gestured for me to sit down.

I did so gingerly, not really knowing how to react to the woman who refused to speak to me or even look me in the eye. Was this how I acted when I first escaped the Leftens? If it was I pitied the woman for going through whatever she has gone through to made her act like this around people.

I tried to make her feel a little more comfortable, even though I was pretty terrified of this whole situation myself, by introducing myself. Maybe if she knew who I was she'd feel a bit more at ease around me.

"I'm Annabelle". I waited for a response as I came and sat down in front of her but I still got no response, all the woman did was pick up a hair brush and gestured for me to turn my head around so that she could brush my hair.

Giving up trying to talk to her I did what she asked and turned my head around so that she could brush my hair.

As we sat there in silence my mind drifted, drifted to Jax and my parents and Xavier and all of the rest of my new pack. I was going to miss them so much, but I was doing this for them, so that they can live a life free of torture and constant fear that Alpha Matthew would be right round the corner at every turn, waiting for me.

I tear up as I think about what I was loosing but mentally scold myself, I couldn't have second thoughts about this plan now.

I was feeling so much better than I was half an hour ago, a good shower and being away from silver will do you wonders.

As I thought that something stirred in my brain, something I had never really felt before. It was like someone was poking my head from the inside, trying to tell me something. I frowned and closed my eyes, trying to relax my brain so that I could figure out what it was.

After several minutes of frustration I finally had a break through as a conscience slipped into my head. I tentatively reached out to it but jerked back in surprise when I felt the foreign conscience respond by reaching back. What the-

'A-Annabelle?' The voice whispered to me, a voice that sounded oddly like Jax's voice, a little gruff,  but still like Jax.

'Jax?' I felt like an idiot basically talking to myself in my own hair but when I felt shock and relief, shock and relief that weren't my own emotions, flood through my brain I knew I wasn't going crazy.

'Oh my god Annabelle! Your alive! Oh you had me so worried, I never thought I was going to see you again'.

I started to smile at how cute he was being but I held it in, I didn't want anyone to know that I could now mind link and was communicating with Jax.

'Jax hi! H-how is this possible?'

'I don't know baby but I am so happy to hear from you, we aren't to far away. We're coming to get you baby'.

I gasped out load and froze as I realised I had made a noise. I pretended to cringe as the woman carried on pinning pins into my hair, making it look like she had pulled my hair.

'How are you nearly here? How did you even know where I was?'

'It was fairly easy once we figured out who had you, Alpha Parker hadn't had that land for to long so my dad could guess fairly easily where you were'.

I paused to absorb that information as the woman moved onto making up my face.

'Jax... Alpha Parker's dead. A wolf named Matthew challenged him for his title and won'.

'Who's Matthew? Do you recognise him at all?'

I shook my head but paused as I took in the woman's face in front of me as she paused what she was doing on my face. "Sorry just trying to get comfy" I lied. I don't think she believed it but she carried on anyway.

'No I don't recognise him, he's younger than Parker, maybe a little bit older than you?'

'Okay well that doesn't change our plan at all, just who we have to kill'.

I paused our conversation as I debated telling him about Alpha Matthews plans in mating with me. I probably should but I didn't want him distracted as he ran into a dangerous situation to save me.

In the end my conscious won over and I told him.

'Umm Jax? Matthew killed Alpha Parker because he didn't like his plan for me'.

I could feel Jax's confusion through the bond we had 'what do you mean?'

'Well... apparently Parker's plan was to lure me here and just... well... kill me'. Jax growled at that in my head but I ignored it and carried on 'but Alpha Matthew thought that was to small minded. Jax, he plans to sever our mate bond in the eyes of the moon goddess and form a new bond between the two of us. He says once he does that the moon goddess will abandon me and therefore her people'.

Jax was silent for a while, so silent I thought I had lost my mind link with him but all of a sudden my mind was filled with unbridled anger. So much anger that even I started to shake with rage.

'He plans to WHAT!'

'Sever our mate bond and create our own. I didn't even know that was possible'.

'It's not' he growled as I still felt the anger rippling  through our bond. 'To brake a bond and form a new one you need the help of a witch, a powerful witch and even then it's not a hundred percent effective. It is a very painful experience and against pack law to perform that ceremony under any circumstance'.

I whimpered as Jax explained the ceremony to me as the woman gestured for me to stand up so that she could fit me into the floor length maxi dress I was being forced to wear.

'Don't worry baby, I won't let that happen to you. I am going to get you out of this if it's the last thing I do'.

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