Chapter 15

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Last time on "The lawyer":

Iso was making out with a guy and they where so into it that they didn't see us cuddling on the couch.

Now on "The lawyer":

Damon: " SIN?! What are u doing here?!"
Bree:" Wait a second, you know the guy my roommate is hooking up with?"
Iso:" Yeah Damon, how do you know Sin?"

Sin and Damon look at each other and them respectively at Bree and Iso.

S&D:" we're cousins :)"

Bree and Iso look at each other, both surprised of the situation.
Bree turns back to Sin.

B:" okayy, that's cool."
I:" yeahh... what she said."

Sin and Damon look at each other then turn their gazes back to the girl smiling sheepishly. Bree rolls her eyes and looks at Iso her gaze turning serious. She holds her hand and stands up.

B:" well now that that's settled,  come with me young lady."

Bree drags Iso towards her room closing the door behind her.

B:" take a seat please, i want to talk to you about something."

Iso takes a seat on Bree's bed, while Bree sits next to her turning her body to face Iso's own.

I:" sure. I'm listening."
B:" i'm gonna be blunt and go straight to the point. Okay?"

Iso nods her head.

B:"Are you a virgin?"

Iso blinks at the question, her cheeks turning pink in embarrassment.

I:" yes."

Bree sighs. She takes a deep breath and continues.

B:" so you do realize that you almost lost your virginity tonight right?"
I:" yes."
B:" do you know Damon?"
I:" ... No. I met him at the bar earlier, he was super nice and i was a little drunk and so was he. He leaned in to kissed me so i leaned in too, then one thing led to another and here we are."

Bree takes a minute to soak up all the information. She looks at Iso and holds her hand.

B:" so you also realize that you almost lost your virginity to someone you don't know tonight?"
I:" yes."
B:" okay, i'm not trying to lecture you or anything like that. Its your life and your choice,
But i just wanted to tell you, that first times are special, really special. And losing your virginity to someone you don't know and you don't love isn't the right way to lose something so precious. So i just wanted you to take that into consideration."

Bree squeezes Iso hand.

I:" thank you for worrying about me like that. I know my virginity is something precious, and i never intended to do this but i just got caught up in the moment ,you know?"
B:" yeah, i get it."
I:" i mean, i've only know Damon for like 3 hours, and i already know he's an amazing guy. I want to get to know him more and hang out with him."
B:" well of course he's an amazing guy, since he's related to sin ;). Go talk to him, i'm sure he's still here."
I:" yeah, i think we need to talk."

Bree and Iso stand up both hugging while the younger of the two thanking the older.
They head out of the door and go straight to the living room.
Sin and Damon where still seated on the couches, talking quietly.

I:" hey.."

The boys look at the girls, Sin gesturing Bree to come sit next to him, while Damon got up and stood in front if Iso.

D:" hello"
I:" hii"
D:" so, i've been meaning to talk to you, is it
Okay there?"

Damon asked gesturing towards the kitchen.

I:" of course."

They walk to the kitchen, taking seats on the stools.

D:" i know we literally just met like 3 hours ago, and as cheesy as this sounds, i knew you where gonna be the most amazing person in my life. "
I:" that's really sweet, thank you!"
D:"I still dont know you so my theory isnt complete but i wanted to ask  You if you would like to go out to dinner with me sometime? So we can get to know each other better."

Iso stills pretending to think about her decision.

I:" honestly, i also think you're an amazing person even tho i barely know you. I just feel it you know?"

Damon opens his mouth to reply but Iso stops him.

I:"- and i would really like to get to know you better and maybe in the future be more than friends?"
D:" that's exactly what i want to :)"
I:" great, so i'll be waiting for that date."

Iso leans into Damon and gives him a peck on the cheek.
Damon blushes madly like a school girl and returns the peck.
They both get up and walk back to the living room spotting Sin and Bree making out on the couch.
The couple was to immersed in the kiss to notice them so the other too got the genius idea to scare them.
Iso ran quietly to her room, opening her closet door to search for her airhorn. As weird as it seems, she always kept one with her in case she wanted to wake up her roommate or scare someone. And she's glad she thought of buying one.
After grabbing the airhorn she ran back to the living room, Sin and Bree where still sucking each others faces off .
Damon laughed when he saw the possession in Iso's hand, so he got his phone from his pocket and began recording.
Iso slowly went up to the couch and positioned the airhorn near Bree's ears and blew it.


Bree screamed and fell off the couch while Sin had his eyes wide open still as a
Iso and Damon where laughing their asses off to the point where they had tears in their eyes.
After getting over the initial shock, Bree and Sin turned towards the two criminals. They got up and started running after them shouting at them to stop.

And that was how their night ended, full of laughs and smiles. They where happy::)))))))

To be Continued
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