"Missed Me, Did You?"

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Going back to the office is a show of self restraint. Harry wants to apparate them both home for a shag on the lounge and in the shower and on their four poster, but he doesn't. They both have jobs and coworkers who know they're married now and would know immediately what they've gone to do.

He almost does it anyway.

"Stop looking at me like that," Draco says firmly.

"Like what?"

"Like I'm a slice of treacle tart."

"You're not even half as sweet, Malfoy, and you know it."

"Oh fuck off, Potter, you know what I meant."

Harry grins at him then kisses his cheek before stepping back.

"I'll look at you in my office then. I got a few papers I need to fill out." He tugs at Draco's hand to pull him along. And he would have, if his vision doesn't start to wane, everything around him looking blurry and distorted even through his glasses. He passes out  in  Draco's arms and when the blond looks up, the room seems to have been put in the same predicament.

Coming down the corridor are staggering footsteps but he already has his wand in his hand and aimed at the sound. They didn't survive Voldemort and fiendfyre and an entire fucking war just to be taken down by some angry office wench.

Then Travis Ackers rounds the corner.

"Draco!" he says tragically, stumbling again and falling. It looks too well planned. Too precise. Too dramatic. And Draco would know. He doesn't move away from where he has Harry craddled in his lap and his wand is still pointed dangerously at a now coughing Travis.

"What have you done?" Draco snarls, and he knows it sounds like an accusation because it is one.

"What have I— ? You think I had something to do with this?"

"I know you did. So, what did you do?"

Travis doesn't quite give up the charade, but his look becomes more searching as if he's expecting something to happen.

"I suggest you answer me before I hex you into next fucking year, Ackers. I swear to Merlin I will end you right now, if you don't tell me what you've done to my husband."

"So the rest of the Ministry doesn't matter to you?" Travis says as if trying to catch Draco in a trap.

"I work for the Ministry so far as it takes to pay my checks. But this job? The politics? It comes second to my husband, always has. Always will." He grips his wand tighter and sends an incarcerous at the man still looking vulnerable on the floor of the DMLE lobby. "What did you do!?"

"I didn't do anything! This is all his fault!" Travis snarls in Harry's direction. "Great Auror Harry Potter, Saviour of the bloody wizarding world, but he's a fucking jealous idiot isn't he. He just galavants around doing whatever he wants and the Ministry lets him! You know how many joint missions I've been sent on under his division? And everyone just sits back and does everything he says. Even when it makes no fucking sense! It's not right."

"He's head of his division you blundering idiot of course they listen to him!" A small part of Draco wonders if he sounded this deranged when he talked about stupid Potter and his stupid scar without knowing all the facts. He bares his teeth when he realizes he probably did. Though even he'd known better than to think the man who thwarted the Dark Lord muktiple times throughout his childhood wasn't at least a little smart and survival savvy.

"But you," he continues as if Draco hadn't said anything and the blonde wonders if the other man has seriously lost his mind, "You're brilliant. You have opinions about the world and you're great at your job and you take care of all the juniors."

"I should remind myself to resign from being head of the junior department if this is the thanks I get."

"When we're together, you won't have to work a day in your life if you don't want to."

"When we're— Oh bloody hell," Draco says once he notices the glowing blue sheen of Travis' eyes. Who knows what artefact he'd gotten in touch with down in the Curse Breakers den. Draco tosses all the vital reading spells he knows to try and understand what the fuck is going on. The best he can gather is an infatuation curse from a temple of cupid, but even then he can't break the curse without knowing which temple.

"You're so handsome when you're focused like that. You'd make such a gorgeous—"

Draco sends another spell at the younger man's mouth to shut him up ans watches as he flounders trying to talk but no sound comes out.

"Alright then," Draco says as he sits Harry up against the side of a desk once he checks for the 5th time to see if he's breathing. He stands and dusts off his trousers then knocks Travis with a levicorpus and heads down into the curse breaker den after covering himself in protective spells.

He can feel Travis squirming in his magic and it's uncomfortable between his shoulder blades where the spell is tethered. He stomps forward into the Junior CB offices angrily. He stops in front of Travis' desk when he notices the box. It's a deep mahogany covered in runes and full of jewels. He sees one missing, though it's only sitting on the desk and he floats it back into place. He waits for it to not be this easy, because it can't possibly be this easy.

But it is.

He closes the box and watches as the blue glow seeps out of Travis and back into the box. Then it's as if a fog is lifted from the entirety of the ministry. The people around them in the office start to wake up and he grabs the box as evidence before rushing upstairs to meet Harry.

"Malfoy!" shouts a panicked voice. "Draco where the hell are— "

"Missed me, did you?" Draco asks a small but happy smirk on his face as he saunters over to his husband. His life may not have been on the line right that second, but Draco can still see Harry lying lifeless in his arms. Lifeless in Hagrids arms. Can imagine his mother standing over Harry lying lifeless in the forest. He places a hand on his husband's cheek and looks from one eye to the other. "You're okay, aren't you?"

Harry places a hand over his.

"I'm fine. A bit of a headache, but nothing out of the usual."

Draco's magic reaches forward and heals what it can but when Draco goes to remove his hand, Harry grabs it back and kisses his knuckles lightly.

He knows that he should probably turn Travis in, but he also knows the younger curse breaker well enough to know it was a mistake and he knows probably better than anyone, how a mistake can ruin your life.

Making sure Harry is most definitely okay comes first, and he grabs his husband's hands before leading them out of the lobby and into the floo to visit St. Mungos. Better safe than sorry.

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