Forget me not

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No!” I screamed. It was pitch black outside and i was running through the darkness aimlessly. My attacker still on my heels. I just kept running,until i tripped. I tried to get up but my legs wouldn't work“No!” I screamed again, as i lay on the ground help-less as the face-less figure grew closer. I closed my eyes waiting for them to reach me. Waiting for them to pull out the knife.

Waiting to feel the knife cut into my skin, again.

But it never happened. I opened my eyes to see a hundred twinkling stars.

I looked around at all the stars surrounding me, it was beautiful. Suddenly i felt completely at ease. “Sarah...” A voice called through the darkness making me shivered. It was the same voice that had been echoing through my head for the past 5 years. “I promised i wouldn't leave you... I'm here Sarah..I'm still here'”

And for one second i actually believed, believed that he was with me. Maybe even that he had never left at all. I walked through dark that was only partially illuminated by the thousands of sparkling points of light above me. I just kept walking and trying to ignore the voice until i got to a white door.

I reached for the knob. “Sarah,I'm here. I''ll never leave you.” I took a deep breath as i turned the knob. “No Tristan,you already have left me. Your gone...Your dead. And your never coming back.”

And with that i woke up. The room was heavy with the smell of lavender. I inhaled deeply letting the scent flood my lungs. And letting my mind drift back for a moment,back to that day.

I was running through the field. With Tristan we were supposed to be heading home but i wanted to stay a little longer and ketch fire flies. Everything just felt so perfect, so safe. But it wasn't. I had stumbled out of the field and into a wooded area. I was running. Running as fast as i could, but no matter how fast i ran “He” was still there, right behind me. I just kept running,until the air began to feel thinning. I was gasping for air as i fought to keep my speed. But it was no use, at some point my legs just gave out. I tried to get back up but my legs wouldn't work. So i just closed my eyes and said a quick prayer as i felt the ground sink in on either side of me. My pursuer now standing over me.

-End of flashback-

Melissa must have gotten heavy handed with the body spray again. I shivered as i felt i cool breeze roll across my shoulders. I quickly turned my attention to the my window.

“I thought i closed that?” I thought to myself. It was a little weird but i shrugged it off and walked across my soft baby blue rug. I looked out the window for a quick minute before closing it. I was bout to walk back to my bed when i thought i saw someone across the street through the corner of my eye. I looked back briefly only to see nothing. Except a small periwinkle color flower petal, I hadn't noticed sitting on the window ledge before.

I squinted my eyes attempting to peer through the shadowed room for anything out of order. As far as i could tell everything except the window was just as i had left it earlier that night. I closed the window and walked back to bed, sitting the flower petal on my nightstand staring at it until i fell asleep.

It was a night like any other dreaming of Tristan. But from the chill up my spine I was certain that something in the world had changed since my short slumber. Something had shifted. I pulled the covers up to my neck trying to suppress a shiver. I didn't have the luxury of spending extended time analyzing these things, It was already late and I had school in the morning.

The next morning i woke up to the sound of my phones built in alarm.

“Erghi groaned, Hitting the touch pad silencing the loud ringing.

“Sarah! Hurry up, your gonna be late for school!” Melissa called from down stairs.

“I'll be down in a minute.” I ran into the bathroom,took a quick shower and threw on some sweatpants and a graphic tee And walked downstairs to meet my cousins judgmental gaze.

“What?” I asked not in the mood for her this morning.

“Your wearing THAT?” She sneered, looking me up and down one last time before reaching into her bag.

“Yeah,whats wrong with it?”

“Nothing...but nothings good with it either. Why don't you ever,just, try to dress nice?” I didn't answer. “...Fine.. at least put this on.” She said handing me a tube of lip gloss and walking out the door and toward the car.

When we got to school the five minute bell had just rung.

And we were so close to making it on time, but when we went to pull into our usual parkings spot there was a sleak black motorcycle in it. And of course there were no other spots open so we had to park down the street from the school making us officially late.

I tried sneak into class from the back,didn't work.

“Nice of you to join us,Miss Holton. Have a seat.” Well at least it's a sub i thought to myself. Class went by as boring as always,until there was a knock on the classroom door.

In came grade obsessed junior Nathan Burke,ugh.

Behind him followed a tall boy with raven black hair that covered his eyes a little.

Why hello Ms. PeirceNathan said with the most repulsive smile.

The whole class ooed at that one. That's one thing we all either loved,or hated about Ms. Peirce,she was real. Nathan stood there with his mouth wide open for a minute,but he quickly recovered his composure and smiled that sick smile again.

“Well then, I'll leave it to you.”,He said walking out of the class room.

“Well, please tell us your name.”

“Jake. Jake Kress” He said finally looking up. Our eyes meeting. My breath caught in my throat, it felt like all the air in the room had just been sucked out.

How was this possible...? He looked like...Tristan.

Except his hair was black,Tristan's was brown. Even the way he carried himself was completely different,Tristan had always been so flamboyant and charismatic. This boy-Jake, had a completely different air to him. The only physical trait they really had in common were his icy blue eyes

Well Mr. Kress you'll be sitting next to Sarah Holton”

 He silently made his way to the back of the class,not breaking our eye contact until he took his seat next to mine.

“Now, if there aren't anymore interruptions , let's continue the lesson- But the bell cut her off before she could finish. “Sarah, Jake could you stay back for a minute?” I sighed making my way back to the front of the room, Jake right behind me.

“Sarah, would you please, Show Jake around, help him find his classes,since it's his first day?”


“I'll give 20 extra credit points.”

Ugh, i thought. Since my grade was so low in this class i couldn't refuse.


“Good. Well, you to better get going or you'll be late for your next class.”


And with that, began the start of a very weird day, And an even weirder year.

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